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05 August 2009Estudio_Album:_Entrevista_con_Diego_Valinsantos
05 August 2009Fw: VideoArtWorld August Promotionnsantos
02 August 2009M?sica em Debate VII Palestra de Jorge de La Barre Universidade Nova de Lisboansantos
02 August 2009Performance em Londresnsantos
27 July 2009LA_EFICACIA_SIMB=C3=93LICA_DEL_CINEnsantos
23 July 2009Bordeless_Generation:_Contemporary_Art_of_Latin_America_no_Centro_Cultural_Korea_Foundation_Cor=E9iansantos
17 July 20091969/2009: from Futurist Moon to Explorer Artinfo61
17 July 2009Reminder: SUNDAY 19 July 7pm, RAIMI GBADAMOSIoffice60
16 July 2009KLONARIS/THOMADAKI au Centre Régional_d'Art_Contemporain_Séteklon.thom.astar
11 July 2009Reminder: SUNDAY 12 July 7pm, RANA DASGUPTAoffice60
29 June 2009July Lectures: Vlad Nanca, Rana Dasgupta, Raimi Gbadamosioffice60
25 June 2009S U P E R H U M A N Masterclass call for Applicationscommunicate
25 June 2009S U P E R H U M A N Masterclass call for Applicationscommunicate
22 June 2009Feedback - Inter-acto ergo sumNoemaLab staff
22 June 2009From life to life. The multiplicity of the livingPier Luigi Capucci
22 June 2009Subtle Technologies 2009, Toronto. ReportagePier Luigi Capucci
20 June 2009ETP_European TelePlateaus - OPEN CALL - Madrid Workshopsjaimedelval
19 June 2009[Fwd: [curatorial.net] 100 Days: Countdown to the Climate Change Conference]chris
19 June 2009ETP_European TelePlateaus - OPEN CALL - Madrid Workshopsjaimedelval
16 June 2009A.K.A. EDUCATION? Workshop: Raimi Gbadamosi's Art and the Nation Stateoffice60
16 June 2009A.K.A. EDUCATION? / Workshop with Vlad Nanca 5-8 July 2009office60
16 June 2009A.K.A. EDUCATION? / Workshop with Hassan Khan June-July 2009office60
05 June 2009VideoArtWorld Bulletin> Hot Art Fair 09 Loungensantos
03 June 2009Reminder: Oliver Ressler Friday 5 June 6pmoffice60
29 May 2009A.K.A. EDUCATION? /Oliver Ressler Lecture & Films, 5 June 6pmoffice60
30 April 2009WORKSHOPS by REVERSO in TUNISIA and MADRID - Technologies of the Bodyjaimedelval
25 April 2009WORKSHOP CALL - in MedialabPrado: REVERSO-Society of Molecules - ARQUITECTURAS POSANATOMICASjaimedelval
22 April 2009WORKSHOP CALL - REVERSO-Society of Molecules - MedialabPrado - ARQUITECTURAS POSANATOMICASjaimedelval
18 April 2009KLONARIS/THOMADAKI - TATE MODERN, Londonklon.thom.astar
08 April 2009Lecture Sunday 12 April 7 pm: Three Works by Hassan Khanoffice60
06 April 2009=?utf-8?Q?Citilab_newletter_n=C2=BA5_2009?=nsantos
02 April 2009ARS ANTHOLOGY > Submit your exhibitionnsantos
31 March 2009The Artist as Leader Research Report publishedchris
30 March 2009Re: [Yasmin_discussions] Invention as a nexus of the real and the imaginaryid
28 March 2009Paralelo events in Sao Paulo - IRCbronacferran
25 March 2009NOW Meeting at CCCBPau Alsina
23 March 2009=?iso-8859-1?Q?Congreso_de_la_Sociey_for_Ethnomusicology_en_Ciudad_de_M?= =?iso-8859-1?Q?=E9xico?=nsantos
22 March 2009=?iso-8859-1?Q?M=FAsica_em_Debate_VII_-_Palestra_de_Thomas_Turino_na_UFRJ?= =?iso-8859-1?Q?_em_27_de_mar=E7o?=nsantos
04 March 2009Please unsubscribe me.metcavus
04 March 2009Re: Fwd: Re: [Yasmin_discussions] artist as inventorschris
04 March 2009Artists as Inventorschris
01 March 2009=?iso-8859-1?Q?CALL:_En_torno_al_arte_visual_i_sonoro._Instalaciones_Peda?= =?iso-8859-1?Q?g=F3gicas?=nsantos
20 February 2009The art of silences - L'arte dei silenzi - L'art des silencesinfo61
19 February 2009=?iso-8859-1?Q?Asociaci=F3n_Vasca_de_Antropolog=EDa_Ankulegi_?=nsantos
13 February 2009KLONARIS/THOMADAKI - Publications =?ISO-8859-1?Q?r=E9centes?=klon.thom.astar
02 February 2009cfp: Media Art Scoping Symposiumpaul
31 January 2009YASMIN moves to new system: and February discussion on Synaesthesiarmalina
31 January 2009White Heat Cold Logicrmalina
31 January 2009In Memoriam: Bulat Galeyevrmalina
30 January 2009New member - Introducing myselfnickosharizanos
30 January 2009TUNISrmalina
30 January 2009Residency Programme - OPEN CALL FOR APPLICATIONS ATHENS BIENNALErobert thill
30 January 2009Re: complex'2009nahla.mattar
30 January 2009Call for Thesis Abstracts in French: FRANCOLABSrmalina
30 January 2009Athens video art festival Call for entriesVeroniki Korakidou
30 January 2009SPACE ART EXHIBIT PROJECTVeroniki Korakidou
29 January 2009Counting Down to New YASMIN listsrmalina
28 January 2009CAS February Meeting, Peter Zinovieffpaul
27 January 2009Drifting IslandsAnnick Bureaud
21 January 2009Urgent, looking for Dance-Tech African ChoreographersAnnick Bureaud
20 January 2009Official Notification From Gnb Bankmsgcenter
20 January 2009off line silence: surgery Re: YASMIN - subscriber waiting for approvalranulph.glanville
20 January 2009Initial passwordyasmin77
20 January 2009YASMIN - subscriber waiting for approvalyasmin77
20 January 2009CAS February Meeting, Peter Zinovieffpaul
20 January 2009You've received A Hallmark E-Card!e-cards
19 January 2009Events in ItalyNoemaLab staff
19 January 2009=?iso-8859-9?B?ImZhYnJpa2FkYW4gZXZpbml6ZSAxMDAxIGVzeWEi?=necdetkavcar
19 January 2009News from the Daniel Langlois FoundationFondation Daniel Langlois
19 January 2009Website Designrobert.hall
19 January 2009CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: Mountain Walks with artists Simon Pope and Ibon Aranberrimonica
19 January 2009Important Message ( G.Stuart)..graddy_2009
19 January 2009Mr ( G.Stuart)..graddy_2009
19 January 2009=?iso-8859-7?B?IM/Q1MnKz8HKz9XT1MnKzyDB0dfFyc8gxdHF1c3B0w==?=art-act
19 January 2009Distribution to charity homeselisabeth11
19 January 2009Charity Helpelisabeth7
18 January 2009Delivery failuremailer-daemon
18 January 2009Delivery failuremailer-daemon
18 January 2009Delivery failuremailer-daemon
18 January 2009Delivery failuremailer-daemon
18 January 2009WITH DUE RESPECTdr.usmanali06
18 January 2009X-OP Conference Berlinmediainmotion84
17 January 2009=?ISO-8859-1?Q?PROPOSITION_DE_PR=CAT_A_PARTICULIER_=2F=2F_URGENT?=ouimette.joseph
17 January 2009Re: Drifting Islandshales.derek
12 January 2009Urban Trajectories in Cairormalina
12 January 2009the Artistic Union for the mediterranean from Parisw_bourkhis
10 January 2009Hz #13Jane
09 January 2009The Arts in the Context of Today's Darwinian Theory of Evolutionrmalina
07 January 2009Beirut Qrt Centerrmalina
07 January 2009protocol during drifting islandsrmalina
06 January 2009=?WINDOWS-1252?Q?Jueves_8_de_enero_19:30_hrs_Inauguramos_con_Gran_?= =?WINDOWS-1252?Q?Celebraci=F3n_EXPOSICI=D3N_10?= =?WINDOWS-1252?Q?_A=D1OS_DE_ESC=C1NER_CULTURAL?=ytoaranda
06 January 2009The Arab Maqamrmalina
06 January 2009Art and Sustainable Developmentrmalina
06 January 2009Antarctique : Balises =?UTF-8?B?bnVtw6lyaXF1ZXMgMzJLbyAvIEFudGFy?= =?UTF-8?B?Y3RpY2EgOiBEaWdpdGFsIEJlYWNvbnMgMzJLbw==?=Annick Bureaud
06 January 2009Drifting IslandsAnnick Bureaud
05 January 2009Art & Patents: Luke Jerram: A Photography-Analogized Patent Process for Creating and Reproducing an Ephemeral Retinal Afterimage that Dodges the Realm of Objective Documentation but Burns within the Subjective Arena of Comparative Social Experiencerobert thill
05 January 2009nisrine boukhari has invited you to Jhoosnisrine.boukhari
04 January 2009SevillaPier Luigi Capucci
01 January 2009New member introduction ...robert thill
31 December 2008Casablanca New Media Festivalrmalina
31 December 2008Call: papers on art and climage change, nano, moonrmalina
26 December 2008YASMIN wishes for 2009rmalina
24 December 2008Events in ItalyNoemaLab staff
24 December 2008Out of the officeAdrian Shubert
23 December 2008YASMIN Meeting in Istanbul, April 8-12 2009rmalina
22 December 2008XXV Oscar Signorini Prize - Robotic Art. Winners and motivationsPier Luigi Capucci
22 December 2008January online discussion : Drifting IslandsAnnick Bureaud
22 December 2008cfp: INSIDE OUT: Rapid Prototyping for Art and Designpaul
20 December 2008leonardo digital reviews postingrmalina
20 December 2008symmetry festival hungaryrmalina
20 December 2008Wafa Bourkhisrmalina
19 December 2008Schedule correction, interview with Roger Malinainfo77
18 December 2008NEWSLETTER CITILABnsantos
17 December 2008PhD studentships.biggs
17 December 2008=?iso-8859-1?Q?N=FAmero_9_Revista_Periferia?=nsantos
17 December 2008Cartography as Performance. Starting a =?ISO-8859-1?Q?map=A1=A1_?= =?ISO-8859-1?Q?workshop_at_OpenLAB=2C_Cairo?=pdesoto
17 December 2008Neural 15th anniversary: issue #31 + joint action with S.W.A.M.P.a.ludovico
17 December 2008Interviews with Roger Malina/ Entrevista con Roger Malina. ELNIUTON.cominfo77
15 December 2008PHASE REM - Daniel Zerbst (Vacio Gallery - BCN)Sus
15 December 2008Performance Research: Transplantationsrmalina
15 December 2008Algerian opportunityrmalina
14 December 2008Farophonia Virtual - SONOMSus
14 December 2008some links about marches and riots in greecemirror1208
13 December 2008XXV Oscar Signorini Prize - Robotic ArtPier Luigi Capucci
11 December 2008=?iso-8859-1?Q?CENTRO_DE_REFER=CANCIA_DO_CARNAVAL!_Carnival_in_Brasil?=nsantos
11 December 2008Super Human Symposium Call for Abstractscommunicate
09 December 2008Global Artcristinamiranda.de
08 December 2008Events in ItalyNoemaLab staff
07 December 2008Fwd: LabforCultuRe: Adriatic Region in FocusNina Czegledy
07 December 2008Fwd: [spectre] Cape Africa Platform - Call for Cape 09 proposalsNina Czegledy
07 December 2008Fwd: [spectre] info from south africaNina Czegledy
05 December 2008Nationwide Protest Against Internet Censorshipcommunicate
04 December 2008Fwd: Premises Book Launch at The Premises Gallery - The Johannesburg Civic TheatreNina Czegledy
04 December 2008Facebook 24 hours summary; new arrestings, apologizes...ana.peraica
02 December 2008Fw: [STEIM-supporters] STEIM is safemarialalou
02 December 2008Australian artists caught in the netcommunicate
01 December 2008=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Arqueol=F3gica_2.0?=Pier Luigi Capucci
01 December 2008Events in ItalyNoemaLab staff
30 November 2008Croatian Facebook Group Results in Arrestana.peraica
29 November 2008Relaxa't. Estreno de Joan Saura en el CCCB. Orquesta del CaosJosé Manuel Berenguer
27 November 2008CFP for 8th International Conference on Interaction Design and Children (IDC09)Narcís Parés
27 November 2008 Slovenia: Necessary Discourse on Hysteriarmalina
26 November 2008VideoArtWorld Bulletin> Intervened Naturensantos
26 November 2008Re: VideoArtWorld Bulletin> Intervened NatureAnnick Bureaud
24 November 2008=?utf-8?Q?Reminder:_TODAY_6_pm=2C_David_Hamm?= =?utf-8?Q?ons_=E2=80=93_Six_Sites_in_Alexandria?=office60
24 November 2008Fwd: Winner of ARDHJE 08Nina Czegledy
22 November 2008Re: Quantum Tunnel at Kunsthasu, GrazAnnick Bureaud
22 November 2008Round-table discussion on Synthetic Biology and Artificial LifeDimitris Charitos
19 November 2008KINETICA ART FAIR, LONDON, 27 FEB-2 MAR 2009keith9
18 November 2008[Fwd: [SALT] Terms of biocontainment (Synthetic Biology debate)]mathart
18 November 2008Jean Marc Philippe passes awayrmalina
17 November 2008Links to follow: Facebook revolutions in Croatiaana.peraica
16 November 2008Events in ItalyNoemaLab staff
13 November 2008Saturday 15 Nov.: Aleya Hamza & Edit Molnar Present PhotoCairo4office60
13 November 2008REVERSO in PORTUGAL - Pangender Technopoliticsjaimedelval
12 November 2008[Fwd: [SALT] Synthetic biology debate next MONDAY Nov. 17 (for forwarding)]mathart
12 November 2008Art and Science in the Petabyte Era: Marseille, Nov 20 2008rmalina
12 November 2008ART, PRICE AND VALUE at CCSCa.ludovico
12 November 2008Re: MobilisableAnnick Bureaud
11 November 2008designcinema2008.org workshopnamoet2
11 November 2008Big Bang for Australian Media Artscommunicate
10 November 2008e-mobilart projects newsrmalina
09 November 2008no subjectnextposition
09 November 2008New digital magazine elniuton.com 08, 'Analogize'. Art, science and Technology.info77
08 November 2008Out of the officeAdrian Shubert
08 November 2008Global Artcristinamiranda.de
08 November 2008call for pluridisciplinary proposalsrmalina
08 November 2008Books, Works, and Words: Opening Tomorrow!office60
08 November 2008Scenography inspired by performing arts in Baselinfo61
06 November 2008Sophia, Bulgaria: transition from manualrmalina
05 November 2008Art and the Social Sciences; The Missing link ?rmalina
04 November 2008Announcing REDCATSUR network in south and latin americarmalina
04 November 2008VideoArtWorld Bulletin> LOOP at Art Forum Berlin 08nsantos
03 November 2008Events in ItalyNoemaLab staff
02 November 2008Announcing upcoming synaesthesia discussionVeroniki Korakidou
02 November 2008Out of the officeAdrian Shubert
02 November 2008Touring robots looking for venue in Romermalina
01 November 2008Casablanca International Festival of Visual Arts and New Mediarmalina
01 November 2008Books, Works, and Words: Opening 9 Novemberoffice60
31 October 2008Nanoart: Making the Invisible Visiblecommunicate
29 October 2008perceptions art sciencermalina
29 October 2008Bruno Latournsantos
28 October 2008Last days: Call for Collaborators> VISUALIZAR'08: DATABASECITYPau Alsina
27 October 2008"Clean" Feeds on Australian Artistscommunicate
26 October 2008Forthcoming : 2nd YASMIN meeting in Valencia (Spain)jknebusch54
26 October 2008call for submissionnisrine.boukhari
24 October 2008aslemeur, Eye-Ocean, experimental virtual image, october 2008aslemeur
24 October 2008Introduction joy.indivia.netjoy
23 October 2008VideoArtWorld. Bulletin > DiVA Paris 08nsantos
21 October 2008The Camargo Foundation Call for Applicationsemily
21 October 20081958-2008 : from Philips Pavillon to Explorer Artinfo61
20 October 2008Sharing Cultures 2009 International Conference - final call for papersnsantos
18 October 2008Centre Pompidou 24-25-26 oct 08info61
17 October 2008Out of the officeAdrian Shubert
17 October 2008Roy Ascott in VenicePier Luigi Capucci
17 October 2008Euro-Med Young Artist Network - online festivaljaromil
16 October 2008VideoArtWorld Bulletin> Art collecting Conferencesnsantos
15 October 2008CAS: November Meeting: RULES: algorithms | structures | intuitionpaul
13 October 2008Events in ItalyNoemaLab staff
12 October 2008introducing myself to Yasmincristinamiranda.de
10 October 2008LIVE BITS CALLrmalina
09 October 2008FAREM[ECM] Maison populaire
08 October 2008question ?nisrine.boukhari
08 October 2008question ?nisrine.boukhari
08 October 2008question ?nisrine.boukhari
08 October 2008question ?nisrine.boukhari
08 October 2008Fes Maroc. Congrès International de la Pensée Contemporaine.soussi
08 October 2008Fuera de oficina - out of the officeMarta Oliveres Tortosa
07 October 2008Cybernetics and documentary makingsandra
02 October 2008Informations sur le Farem[ECM] Maison populaire
02 October 2008GT Sociology of art - SBS - GT Sociologia da Arte - Chamadansantos
30 September 2008Fuera de oficina - out of the officeMarta Oliveres Tortosa
29 September 2008New "Piratas de la Ciencia" webpageguillermo.munoz
27 September 2008afrigraphrmalina
27 September 2008=?iso-8859-1?Q?Culture_della_differenza._Femminismo=2C_visualit=E0_e_stud?= =?iso-8859-1?Q?i_postcoloniali?=Federica Timeto
26 September 2008Re: Welcome to YASMIN mailing listalecr
25 September 2008=?iso-8859-1?Q?appel_=E0_projets_corpusmedia_catalogne?=Jean-Marc Matos et Anne Holst
22 September 2008C30 Project at the Goethe-Institut Johannesburg, 29 September 2008, 6:30pmNina Czegledy
21 September 2008[info] email address_changementplongp
19 September 2008BridA refreshed websitebrida
18 September 2008discussion monthrmalina
18 September 2008ranulph and second order cyberneticspan
18 September 2008Fwd: responsepan
18 September 2008ESCANER CULTURAL 108 - Septiembre de 2008nsantos
16 September 2008CAS: October Meeting - Nigel Johnsonpaul
16 September 2008Our Space; Our Future Press Releasecommunicate
14 September 2008John Billingsley and John Raviliousmf252
13 September 2008CitySense: Surveillance, Secrecy, Security, Controlnat
10 September 2008Brief Introduction - Paul CatanesePaul Catanese
10 September 2008POST ME_NEW ID FORUM in DresdenVeroniki Korakidou
09 September 2008Events in ItalyNoemaLab staff
09 September 2008CS reduxjreichardt
09 September 2008brief intro - Brian Deggerbrian.degger
08 September 2008New subscriber introductiondurga_akv
08 September 2008Yasminers@ARSNina Czegledy
07 September 2008Introduction, New member of Yasmin. ELNIUTON.cominfo77
07 September 2008unsubscribingmartagarsd
07 September 2008Marko Pelhjan I-TASC and "Art in Antarctica" conf at @rt Outsiders 2008Annick Bureaud
06 September 2008Irene Shacht expormalina
06 September 2008Introduction, new membermf252
05 September 2008Re: New passwordmarcialart
05 September 2008DIMEA 2008: Final Call for Participationsots
05 September 2008Re: Yasmin@ARSNina Czegledy
03 September 2008Re: Yasmin@ARSRaquel Herrera
03 September 2008founding of European Network of Concerned Scientistsrmalina
03 September 2008Yasmin@ARSNina Czegledy
02 September 2008Re: Yasmin@ARSPau Alsina
02 September 2008wikiartMel Alexenberg
02 September 2008demande d'infophilippe.nys
01 September 2008Will read your message and reply to it next friday Re: YASMIN - subscriber waiting for approvaljknebusch54
01 September 2008Computational Aesthetics 2009 - call for paperspaul
31 August 2008Plodiv Bulgaria Week of Contemporary Artrmalina
31 August 2008BridA - ARS ELECTRONICAbrida
28 August 2008CAIROSCAPErmalina
28 August 2008Test no 2rmalina
24 August 2008YASMIN REVIEWSrmalina
22 August 2008Subversive in China - Mainstream in Adelaide Press Releasecommunicate
22 August 2008new in neme : "immersive event time"hight
22 August 2008Will read your message and reply to it next friday Re: YASMIN - message waiting for approvaljknebusch54
21 August 2008Re: Yasmin@ARSNina Czegledy
21 August 2008BIOTECH ART WORKSHOP at ARTICLE BIENNALE, Stavanger/Norway - Call for Participantsjhauser
20 August 2008Yasmin@ARSNina Czegledy
18 August 2008ARCHEOLOGIA POST-INDUSTRIALE, Mostra interattiva di Storia dell'Informaticajaromil
17 August 2008Will read your message and reply to it next friday Re: YASMIN - message waiting for approvaljknebusch54
17 August 2008L'intégrale Izza Génini à la Cinémathèque de Tangersoussi
17 August 2008Moderation for this weeksoussi
11 August 2008New week moderationguillermo.munoz
11 August 2008new site online: www.space123.eu / also ISEA 2008klaushu
11 August 2008new site online: www.space123.eu / also ISEA 2008klaushu
11 August 2008new site online: www.space123.eu / also ISEA 2008klaushu
11 August 2008new site online: www.space123.eu / also ISEA 2008klaushu
11 August 2008new site online: www.space123.eu / also ISEA 2008klaushu
11 August 2008new site online: www.space123.eu / also ISEA 2008klaushu
11 August 2008new site online: www.space123.eu / also ISEA 2008klaushu
11 August 2008new site online: www.space123.eu / also ISEA 2008klaushu
11 August 2008new site online: www.space123.eu / also ISEA 2008klaushu
11 August 2008new site online: www.space123.eu / also ISEA 2008klaushu
11 August 2008Weaver Birds - 8 years of dyne.orgjaromil
11 August 2008Weaver Birds - 8 years of dyne.orgjaromil
11 August 2008Weaver Birds - 8 years of dyne.orgjaromil
11 August 2008Weaver Birds - 8 years of dyne.orgjaromil
11 August 2008Dharma < The Red Breath > Initiationinfo61
11 August 2008Dharma < The Red Breath > Initiationinfo61
11 August 2008Cybernetics Serendipity Reduxrmalina
11 August 2008Cybernetics Serendipity Reduxrmalina
11 August 2008Filter Launch & ANAT @ ISEA 2008communicate
11 August 2008Re: patents filed by artistsrmalina
11 August 2008Re: patents filed by artistsrmalina
11 August 2008new site online: www.space123.eu / also ISEA 2008klaushu
11 August 2008Cybernetics Serendipity Reduxrmalina
11 August 2008Re: 1957-2007: Space Imaginariesrmalina
11 August 2008Re: 1957-2007: Space Imaginariesrmalina
11 August 2008Re: 1957-2007: Space Imaginariesrmalina
11 August 2008Re: 1957-2007: Space Imaginariesrmalina
11 August 2008Weaver Birds - 8 years of dyne.orgjaromil
11 August 2008Weaver Birds - 8 years of dyne.orgjaromil
10 August 2008Will read your message and reply to it next friday Re: YASMIN - subscriber waiting for approvaljknebusch54
07 August 2008[NUMERO 107 DE ESCANER CULTURAL - Agosto 2008]nsantos
07 August 2008Dharma < The Red Breath > Initiationinfo61
06 August 2008Re: 1957-2007: Space ImaginariesAnnick Bureaud
06 August 2008Events in ItalyNoemaLab staff
06 August 2008Re: To Phd or not to Phd?Annick Bureaud
06 August 2008Re: 1957-2007: Space ImaginariesAnnick Bureaud
06 August 2008Re: To Phd or not to Phd?Annick Bureaud
05 August 2008Will read your message and reply to it next friday Re: YASMIN - subscriber waiting for approvaljknebusch54
04 August 2008Re: 1957-2007: Space ImaginariesAnnick Bureaud
04 August 2008Re: Technical problems - YASMIN in safe modermalina
04 August 2008Re: To Phd or not to Phd?Annick Bureaud
04 August 2008Re: To Phd or not to Phd?Annick Bureaud
04 August 2008Events in ItalyNoemaLab staff
04 August 2008Events in ItalyNoemaLab staff
04 August 2008Events in ItalyNoemaLab staff
04 August 2008Re: 1957-2007: Space ImaginariesAnnick Bureaud
04 August 2008patents filed by artistsrmalina
04 August 2008patents filed by artistsrmalina
04 August 2008Re: END OF THEORYrmalina
04 August 2008Events in ItalyNoemaLab staff
04 August 2008Re: 1957-2007: Space Imaginariesrmalina
04 August 2008this week's moderatorNina Czegledy
04 August 2008Re: Technical problems - YASMIN in safe modermalina
04 August 2008Cybernetics Serendipity Reduxrmalina
04 August 2008Re: To Phd or not to Phd?Annick Bureaud
04 August 2008Re: To Phd or not to Phd?Annick Bureaud
04 August 2008Re: 1957-2007: Space ImaginariesAnnick Bureaud
04 August 2008Re: 1957-2007: Space ImaginariesAnnick Bureaud
04 August 2008Filter Launch & ANAT @ ISEA 2008communicate
04 August 2008Dylan Culhane at The Premises Gallery - The Johannesburg Civic TheatreNina Czegledy
04 August 2008Dylan Culhane at The Premises Gallery - The Johannesburg Civic TheatreNina Czegledy
04 August 2008new site online: www.space123.eu / also ISEA 2008klaushu
04 August 2008patents filed by artistsrmalina
04 August 2008patents filed by artistsrmalina
01 August 2008Dylan Culhane at The Premises Gallery - The Johannesburg Civic TheatreNina Czegledy
31 July 2008Will read your message and reply to it next friday Re: YASMIN - subscriber waiting for approvaljknebusch54
31 July 2008OPEN CALL 2008 Symposium: "Body Art Disease: Corrumptions and Mutations"water
30 July 2008=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Borja_Izaola_est=E1_ausente_de_la_oficina=2E?=borjiz
30 July 2008DIMEA 2008: Advance Program, Tutorials/Workshops, Call for participationsots
30 July 2008NO TALK FOR THIS TIME @ ISEAinfo61
29 July 2008this week's moderatorNina Czegledy
28 July 2008Cybernetics Serendipity Reduxrmalina
28 July 2008Events in ItalyNoemaLab staff
27 July 2008Will read your message and reply to it next friday Re: YASMIN - subscriber waiting for approvaljknebusch54
23 July 2008Moderator for the weekDimitris Charitos
23 July 2008Filter Launch & ANAT @ ISEA 2008communicate
23 July 2008Out of the officeAdrian Shubert
22 July 2008Will read your message and reply to it next friday Re: YASMIN - subscriber waiting for approvaljknebusch54
19 July 2008new site online: www.space123.eu / also ISEA 2008klaushu
17 July 2008=?ISO-8859-1?Q?I=B3_-_International,_Interdisciplinary,_Innovative_-_Media_Release_?=communicate
17 July 2008Will read your message and reply to it next friday Re: YASMIN - message waiting for approvaljknebusch54
17 July 2008arab fund for artsrmalina
15 July 2008Masters in Technology and Digital Artpaul
14 July 2008new Neural issue #30, Dangerous Gamesa.ludovico
13 July 2008Next Dorkbot at Valenciaguillermo.munoz
12 July 2008END OF THEORYrmalina
10 July 2008Will read your message and reply to it next friday Re: YASMIN - message waiting for approvaljknebusch54
09 July 2008DIMEA 2008 Early registration Deadline July 11, 2008!sots
08 July 2008Re: Nanotechnology and artbooking
08 July 2008ISEA 2009rmalina
07 July 2008Suzanne du Preez at The Premises Gallery - The Johannesburg Civic TheatreNina Czegledy
06 July 2008ModerationRicardo Mbarkho
06 July 2008Will read your message and reply to it next friday Re: YASMIN - subscriber waiting for approvaljknebusch54
03 July 2008Deep North - Transmediale - CallAnnick Bureaud
01 July 2008Will read your message and reply to it next friday Re: YASMIN - message waiting for approvaljknebusch54
01 July 2008O Canada.Adrian Shubert
01 July 2008BIACS - SevilleAnnick Bureaud
30 June 2008Subtle Technologies 2008 reportage in NoemaLabPier Luigi Capucci
30 June 2008Events in ItalyNoemaLab staff
30 June 2008SEEDS festival 2008olive
30 June 2008=?ISO-8859-15?Q?Ancel_news_08?=info61
30 June 2008Introducing myselfFederica Timeto
30 June 2008Singapore Fling - ANAT catapults artists internationally Media Releasecommunicate
29 June 2008Moderator for this weeksoussi
27 June 2008Will read your message and reply to it next friday Re: YASMIN - message waiting for approvaljknebusch54
27 June 2008=?iso-8859-1?Q?12=B0_Documentary_and_Ethnographic_Film_Festival_:_Festiva?= =?iso-8859-1?Q?l_do_Filme_Document=E1rio_e_Etnogr=E1fico?=nsantos
25 June 2008Re: This strange Lightness of the Worldlisa
23 June 2008online course on "Art,Science and Technology in the Network Society"Pau Alsina
23 June 2008Will read your message and reply to it next friday Re: YASMIN - message waiting for approvaljknebusch54
23 June 2008This week moderationguillermo.munoz
18 June 2008Barcelona: SONAR FESTIVAL LIVE CINEMA NEWSPau Alsina
18 June 2008THE RENAMING MACHINEmarialalou
17 June 2008BARCELONA: Sonar 2008 | Cinema Beyond Cinema: the central theme of the exhibition areaPau Alsina
17 June 2008MADRID/_Upcoming_Activities_16_-_22_junio/JunePau Alsina
17 June 2008The Buckminster Fuller Challenge - See the Movie!id
17 June 2008Will read your message and reply to it next friday Re: YASMIN - message waiting for approvaljknebusch54
17 June 2008Lebanon Now. Opening : Friday 20 June at 6 pm. LAA Gallery. Verdun. BeirutRicardo Mbarkho
13 June 2008IP and the Artsrmalina
13 June 2008Exhibition by Hristina Ivanoska at Konsthall C in StockholmNina Czegledy
11 June 2008preservação de acervos sonoros: diretrizes e editaisnsantos
11 June 2008cfp: VIDA 11.0paul
10 June 2008Will read your message and reply to it next friday Re: YASMIN - message waiting for approvaljknebusch54
10 June 2008Call For Shortfilm Submissions: Betting on Shorts: More than a Eurovision of Shortfilm 2008konstantinos
09 June 2008Lab-art-orypaul
06 June 2008The Matt Sparkle at The Premises Gallery - The Johannesburg Civic TheatreNina Czegledy
06 June 2008OPEN CALL >> MASTER MULTIMEDIA PRIZE 2008Erika Katalina Pasztor
06 June 2008Will read your message and reply to it next friday Re: YASMIN - subscriber waiting for approvaljknebusch54
06 June 2008OPEN CALLErika Katalina Pasztor
05 June 2008GIJON, SPAIN: Banquete_nodos y redes: Interacciones entre arte-ciencia-tecnologia-sociedad en la creacion digitalPau Alsina
05 June 2008THE DISCREET CHARM OF TECHNOLOGY: Arts In SpainPau Alsina
05 June 2008Exhibition of the Morocca artist Batoul Shimi at the Appartement 22 Rabatsoussi
04 June 2008June CAS-Xtra :: Anna Valentina Murchpaul
03 June 2008web CIBERIANS + performance de TXELL MIRAS i SÒNIA GÓMEZoriol
03 June 2008introductionNataša Bandelj
03 June 2008Subtle Technologies 2008 coveragePier Luigi Capucci
02 June 2008academic reviewers required for international journal on art and technology special edition on digital arttonybrooks
02 June 2008redcatsurrmalina
02 June 2008Will read your message and reply to it next friday Re: YASMIN - subscriber waiting for approvaljknebusch54
29 May 2008Athens Interactive Media Artists Workshop (2 - 6 June)Veroniki Korakidou
29 May 2008Re: Athens YASMIN meeting - AGENDAmarialalou
28 May 2008Madrid: e-book 1º Encuentro Inclusiva-netPau Alsina
28 May 2008Will read your message and reply to it next friday Re: YASMIN - subscriber waiting for approvaljknebusch54
26 May 2008News from ItalyNoemaLab staff
26 May 20082008 VideoDansa projects competition DEADLINEPau Alsina
26 May 2008Adrian Shubert is out of the office.Adrian Shubert
23 May 2008ANTIBODIES MICRODANCES online now TEXTS IMAGES VIDEOS REVERSO Jaime del Valjaimedelval
23 May 2008Will read your message and reply to it next friday Re: YASMIN - subscriber waiting for approvaljknebusch54
22 May 2008June meeting - David Plans Casalpaul
22 May 2008Athens YASMIN meeting - ReminderDimitris Charitos
21 May 2008STEIM in Amsterdam needs our helpVeroniki Korakidou
21 May 2008SNAKES at The Premises Gallery - The Johannesburg Civic TheatreNina Czegledy
21 May 2008MADRID: Medialab Proximas actividades / Upcoming Activities> 20-25 mayo / May 2008Pau Alsina
20 May 2008Re: Event in Singapore - Art Camp by ASEFmarcialart
19 May 2008Will read your message and reply to it next friday Re: YASMIN - subscriber waiting for approvaljknebusch54
19 May 2008Early Bird Deadline: May 23 -- Computational Aesthetics 2008paul
18 May 2008Victims syndrome: natural and unnatural disastersANNA BARROS
18 May 2008II Science and Art Symposium. Reflections on Science and ArtPier Luigi Capucci
18 May 2008Events in ItalyNoemaLab staff
17 May 2008Moderation + BookRicardo Mbarkho
16 May 2008MADRID: Convocatorias abiertas / Open CallsPau Alsina
16 May 2008Afropixel reportrmalina
15 May 2008Marnix De Nijs, Exploded Views, remapping Florence at CCCSa.ludovico
15 May 2008Will read your message and reply to it next friday Re: YASMIN - message waiting for approvaljknebusch54
12 May 2008new Neural mag #29, Digital Chinaa.ludovico
11 May 2008New Book: Educating Artists for the FutureMel Alexenberg
09 May 2008MED IT 2008 ALGER Cultural Web Site Awardsrmalina
09 May 2008CAMARGO CIBERNÉTICO VERSIÓN 2.1.Raquel Herrera
09 May 2008Call for Curators in Residence 2008 at LABoral Centro de Arte ymonica
09 May 2008Call for Artist in Residence Programme 2008 at LABoral Centro de Arte y Creacion Industrialmonica
08 May 2008HILLBROW NOT JUST NOW at The PREMISES - The Johannesburg Civic TheatreNina Czegledy
08 May 2008Post-queer ANTIBODIES transmedia, arts and post-gender guerrilla REVERSO in DORKBOT MADRID OFFLIMITS 9th MAY 20'30jaimedelval
08 May 2008Will read your message and reply to it next friday Re: YASMIN - message waiting for approvaljknebusch54
07 May 2008Victims' Symptom: Natural and Unnatural Disastersrmalina
06 May 2008Re: Introductionnahla.mattar
05 May 2008Events in ItalyNoemaLab staff
05 May 2008MEDIALAB MADRID Próximas actividades / Upcoming ActivitiesPau Alsina
05 May 20081958-2008 Opportunity 2info61
04 May 2008[l'ull cec] concert Brethren of the Free Spirit (Jozef van Wissem & James Blackshaw) @ l'Antic Teatre (5/5)lullcec
04 May 2008Will read your message and reply to it next friday Re: YASMIN - subscriber waiting for approvaljknebusch54
03 May 2008Presentación de On Nothing. CD José Manuel BerengueJosé Manuel Berenguer
01 May 2008International Journal of Design -- Current Contents -- April 2008ken.friedman
30 April 2008Adrian Shubert is out of the office.Adrian Shubert
30 April 2008dipinti tibetanimaxlaura.poldim
30 April 2008Naturalezas Hibridas (Workshop by Clara Boj and Diego Diaz)guillermo.munoz
29 April 2008your moderator this weekPau Alsina
29 April 2008LABS callrmalina
29 April 2008Spain_ DISONANCIAS: The international call is open for artistsPau Alsina
29 April 2008Press Release - Synapese May eList: Impairment & Augmentationcommunicate
28 April 2008Will read your message and reply to it next friday Re: YASMIN - message waiting for approvaljknebusch54
28 April 2008Some events on bioarts in ItalyPier Luigi Capucci
26 April 2008Cleotronica 08, Alexandria/Egypt, 1 - 2 MayNina Czegledy
24 April 2008Will read your message and reply to it next friday Re: YASMIN - subscriber waiting for approvaljknebusch54
24 April 2008Introductions..bpekol
23 April 2008Special Effects Weekender at FACTmailinglist
23 April 2008Digital media 1.0piratas.de.la.ciencia
22 April 2008Curatorial Network Seminar: Inter_connections @ Plymouth Arts Centre, 25.04.08basak
22 April 2008Reminder: Interactivos?08: Vision Play> Call for Submissions (Madrid, Spain)Pau Alsina
22 April 2008CFP - Journal of Research Practiceken.friedman
22 April 2008REVERSO Jaime del Val in TECHNARTE 2008 BILBAO 24-25 ABRILjaimedelval
21 April 2008dispatch from this week's moderatorNina Czegledy
21 April 2008BARCELONA_Is there such thing as a new media art market?Pau Alsina
21 April 2008CALL: THIRD ONE SECOND VIDEO FESTIVAL -- UPLOAD video and BET on it // or on someone else's ||Pau Alsina
21 April 2008Call for entries :: MIRFESTIVAL :: Athens, Greece | September 12-20, 2008Dimitris Charitos
21 April 2008Announcing the YASMIN meeting in AthensDimitris Charitos
21 April 2008artist residency in LebanonNina Czegledy
20 April 2008Share Festival 2008 - Conferences Web StreamingPier Luigi Capucci
20 April 2008Events from ItalyNoemaLab staff
19 April 2008SEMAINE projecthplambert
19 April 2008Will read your message and reply to it next friday Re: YASMIN - subscriber waiting for approvaljknebusch54
17 April 2008Lecture about Beirut and Media Art todayRicardo Mbarkho
17 April 2008Adrian Shubert is out of the office.Adrian Shubert
15 April 2008CfP: New Media Art Audiences, Prague, May 23sedlak
15 April 2008dialog mater in FAD Barcelonajosep.perello
15 April 2008dialog mater in FAD Barcelonajosep.perello
14 April 2008Fwd: TICA Newsletter, Spring 08Nina Czegledy
14 April 2008VALENCIA: Festival Digitalmedia 1.0.Pau Alsina
14 April 2008GIJON: Homo Ludens Ludens. Locating play in contemporary culture and societyPau Alsina
14 April 2008ITALY: Ecotronica.net out now!paualsina
14 April 2008Homo Ludens Ludens -- exhibition & conference in spaindaphne
13 April 2008Fw: Mapping the election conditions in Zimbabwe | Sokwanelemaxlaura.poldim
11 April 2008Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 14.03.2008.sulicsu
11 April 2008Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 14.03.2008.sulicsu
11 April 2008Outside In @ Caravansarai, IstanbulNina Czegledy
10 April 2008SYNAESTHESIA [Fwd: Re: [iota] Frontotemporal Dementia and Visualization of Music]mathart
09 April 2008MADRID: MEDIALAB-PRADO Upcoming ActivitiesPau Alsina
09 April 2008MADRID: Presentation projects Creation Grants - Intermediæ modalityPau Alsina
09 April 2008SPAIN: Call for Artist in Residence Programme 2008 at LABoral Centro de Arte y Creacion IndustrialPau Alsina
09 April 2008SPAIN: Call for Curators in Residence 2008 at LABoral Centro de Arte y CreacionPau Alsina
09 April 20082nd Call for Submissions - ARTECH 2008Pau Alsina
09 April 2008New Sensations Symposium – Art, Science and Healthcare in Cardiff, Wales.annadumitriu
09 April 2008New Sensations Symposium – Art, Science and Healthcare in Cardiff, Wales.annadumitriu
09 April 2008Magazine Escaner Cultural 103 - ESCANER CULTURAL 103 - Abril 2008nsantos
08 April 2008=?Windows-1252?Q?New_Sensations_Symposium_=96_Art,_Science_and_Healthcare?=annadumitriu
06 April 2008Residence Programme 2008 at LABoral Centro de Arte y Creacion IndustrialPier Luigi Capucci
06 April 2008Events in ItalyNoemaLab staff
04 April 2008CAS May Meeting - Parallel Evolution: the Patric Prince Collection and the emergence of SIGGRAPHpaul
04 April 2008NewMediaFest2007 in Valenciadean
04 April 2008CAS May Meeting - Parallel Evolution: the Patric Prince Collection and the emergence of SIGGRAPHpaul
03 April 2008New Thursday Club Season - Goldsmiths, Londondrp01mc
03 April 2008Spidron revolution in geometryErika Katalina Pasztor
03 April 2008Spidron revolution in geometryErika Katalina Pasztor
03 April 2008BARCELONA: Atlas del Espacio Radioelectrico en NOW, CCCB | 4-6 AbrilPau Alsina
31 March 2008Maroc:Rendez-vous de l'Histoire à Fès sous le signe "Orient-Occident"soussi
31 March 2008ACM DIMEA 2008 Tutorials CfPdrp01mc
31 March 2008Us & them & them: Robots, Artists and Scientistscommunicate
30 March 2008ART IS NOT TERRORISMmyriam hammani
29 March 2008cfp: CHArt 2008 Conference - Seeing... Vision and Perception in a Digital Culturepaul
28 March 2008Perfect Present Continuous - Video programnat
27 March 2008stitched-up: sk-interfaces closing event at FACTmailinglist
27 March 2008Science Museum Sustainability Reportpaul
26 March 2008BARCELONA: Conferencia: Arte y aplicaciones moviles.Pau Alsina
26 March 2008Research Writing Workshop -- Powerpoint and Handouts Availableken.friedman
26 March 2008Maroc: Premier Festival International des Arts Visuels et des Nouveaux Médias du 21 au 26 Avril 2008soussi
26 March 2008Maroc: La Caravane du Film Amazigh 31 mars au 13 Avrilsoussi
25 March 2008Video poetry at Palazzo Ducale - Genovaclprezi
24 March 2008moderator for this weeksoussi
24 March 2008The Mirror Stage - Call for TextsNeMe
23 March 2008Technical problems - YASMIN in safe modeAndreas P. Giannakoulopoulos
23 March 2008Qatarrmalina
22 March 2008aQqrmalina
22 March 2008networked culturesrmalina
21 March 2008Curator in Residence Programme 2008 at LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrialmonica
21 March 2008Call for Artist in Residence Programme 2008 at LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrialmonica
19 March 2008Re: Tibet Art/Material Science Meet in Romesharadasrinivasa
19 March 2008SLOVENIA: 20th-22th march / pekarnananana / multimedia festival / sloveniaPau Alsina
19 March 2008MADRID: Convocatoria / Open Call> Interactivos?08: Juegos de la vision / Vision PlayPau Alsina
19 March 2008interdisciplinary workshop "monumental data"karoussos
19 March 2008Arthur C Clarkermalina
18 March 2008Cybernetics Serendipity Redux ?rmalina
17 March 2008Leonardo Education Forum inBrazilrmalina
17 March 2008New hot topics ?rmalina
17 March 2008China China China!!! exhibition at CCCSa.ludovico
17 March 2008Tactical Media Club at ACAFNina Czegledy
17 March 2008This week Moderatorguillermo.munoz
16 March 2008Events in ItalyNoemaLab staff
16 March 2008Puentes Sonoros-Catenarias Digitales. Convocatoria de piezas de arte sonoro. Festival Internacional de la Imagen. ManizalesJosé Manuel Berenguer
15 March 2008Harriet Casdin -Silver passes awayrmalina
15 March 2008International Summer Seminars for Art Curators:Post Socialism and Media Transformations: Strategies of Representationpaul
14 March 2008Artnodes 7 now online: Art, videogames and culturePau Alsina
14 March 2008Help Design the future of the Leonardo networkrmalina
14 March 2008[Fwd: PLATFORM launches Burning Capital, short films on the climate crisis]chris
14 March 2008Naplesrmalina
13 March 2008Hello!fullcontact
13 March 2008The e-MobiLArt project: Deadline extension for Sunday, March 30th 2008Veroniki Korakidou
13 March 2008new media nomadisme in europermalina
13 March 2008ITALY: Present Eternity, sense and experience in the digital society timespaualsina
12 March 2008BARCELONA: Zeppelin 2008. 13-14-15 / 03 / 2008Pau Alsina
12 March 2008Zeppelin 2008 - Sound art festival -13, 14 & 15 March @ CCCB (barcelona)juanademora
12 March 2008International Summer Seminars for Art Curators: Post Socialism and Media Transformations: Strategies of Representationrmalina
12 March 2008Grassroots conference april 16+17 kiasma helsinkigeorg.dietzler
11 March 2008Art, technologie, culturec.tron
10 March 2008An exhibition of the works of Ouafae Mezouar and Maria Akdim in Berlinsoussi
10 March 2008hellooriol
10 March 2008MARSEILLE...yasmin drinks ...rmalina
10 March 2008France: seminar on physiological signals and emotion recognitionrmalina
10 March 2008CAS April Meeting - Cynthia Beth Rubinpaul
09 March 2008Events in ItalyNoemaLab staff
07 March 2008EUROARAB FOUNDATIONrmalina
06 March 2008Present Eternity, sense and experience in the digital society timesa.ludovico
06 March 2008UNRECORDEDbasak
04 March 2008Morocco: "Dialogue", a photography exhibition of Stefan Moses ("Deutsche Vita") and Brahim Benkirane (« Petit voyage vers l'autre »)soussi
03 March 2008FW:: ITALY: Immersive artwork : exhibition of scenocosme in March -2Pau Alsina
03 March 2008MADRID: Medialab-Prado>>Próximas actividades / Upcoming ActivitiesPau Alsina
03 March 2008BARCELONA: FEMELEK - Festival comemorativo al Dia de la Dona - 6Y 7 DE MARZO - Convent de Sant AgustiPau Alsina
03 March 2008message from Nina Czegledy this week's moderatorNina Czegledy
02 March 2008Events in ItalyNoemaLab staff
01 March 2008polar south, art in Antarcticaandreajuan
01 March 2008To Phd or not to Phd?oguzhan.ozcan
28 February 2008AESTHETIC PEACE Grouprmalina
28 February 2008ITALY: Pari Center Blogsrmalina
28 February 2008NYT: Where Science and Art Collideid
28 February 2008CfP on Immersive Virtual, Mixed, or Augmented Reality Artmroussou
27 February 2008new subscribersharadasrinivasa
27 February 2008Lovely Weather - Art and Climate: Climate ClockNina Czegledy
27 February 2008Invitation to the Eclectic Tech Carnival in May.Nina Czegledy
27 February 2008Bioart goes live in more ways than one!Nina Czegledy
27 February 2008Bioart goes live in more ways than one!communicate
26 February 2008Position announcement: Director of Science Communication, Imperial Collegepiratas.de.la.ciencia
26 February 2008NEO LEOrmalina
25 February 2008cfp: Arts Program - Computational Aesthetics 08paul
25 February 2008NATURE on "sk-interfaces"jhauser
22 February 2008-- Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 22.02.2008.martha.nino
22 February 2008k Dansermalina
22 February 2008ESOF 2008 Barcelonaguillermo.munoz
21 February 2008Fwd: Asking for a favourulla taipale
21 February 2008Moderator for the next two weeksDimitris Charitos
20 February 2008Media Studies Position at Hunter/CUNY, please distributeandrea
20 February 2008CAS March Meeting - Sue Golliferpaul
19 February 2008Confernece in Satained glass windows Science/Art interaction (Valencia)piratas.de.la.ciencia
19 February 2008Fwd: UNESCO Education News AlertNina Czegledy
18 February 2008Opening of an Experimental Territory Centersophie.lavaud
18 February 2008Opening of an Experimental Territory Centersophie.lavaud
17 February 2008Environmental Communication journal CFP: discursive constructions of climate changepaul
16 February 2008CFP: Echo Conference, Space, Time, and Musicnsantos
15 February 2008ROME: Conferenza sulla New Media Artpaualsina
15 February 2008Water and Cultures in dialoguermalina
15 February 2008turkeyrmalina
14 February 2008Invitation to the artist's book project by Shahram EntekhabiNina Czegledy
13 February 2008Barcelona: Call for participation. Experimental TV projects.Pau Alsina
13 February 2008Seeing the Future of Second Lifecommunicate
12 February 2008The Influencers festival / Barcelona, Februarypaualsina
12 February 2008The e-MobiLArt project: announcing call for participantsDimitris Charitos
11 February 2008Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 11.02.2008.marcialart
11 February 2008ART TECH MEDIA - Presentation at ARCO 08. International Contemporary Art Fair. Madrid.paualsina
11 February 2008Marseillermalina
11 February 2008Reminder: Computer Arts Society February Meeting: Alan Sutcliffepaul
10 February 2008Events in ItalyNoemaLab staff
10 February 2008The Climate Clock Global Initiative - Artist Commissionmroussou
08 February 2008MED IT 2008 best cultural site, Algiersrmalina
07 February 2008Antunes_auto-introductionantunes
07 February 2008Convocatoria / Open Call: Redes digitales y espacio físico / Digital Networks and Physical SpacePau Alsina
07 February 2008LEF activities Feb 2008rmalina
06 February 2008Videokaravaan 2008, Next stations and Newssoussi
04 February 2008some related newsRicardo Mbarkho
04 February 2008New moderatorjknebusch54
03 February 2008BUCHAREST BIENNALE 3NoemaLab staff
03 February 2008Alexandria, Egyptrmalina
01 February 2008New Delhi, India - Video and Performance Festivalclprezi
01 February 2008Reminder: mark erasmus at The PREMISES - The Johannesburg Civic TheatreNina Czegledy
31 January 2008bio art in bangalorermalina
29 January 2008Culture multimédia en France / French media culture[ECM] Maison populaire
29 January 2008Design Walk, 1-3 February 2008 in Athensmroussou
29 January 2008new video blog - BITS_OF_MY_LIFE (BML).avi
29 January 2008Call: International Media Art Forum, Cairo 2008Nina Czegledy
28 January 2008This week moderationguillermo.munoz
27 January 2008Prishtinarmalina
27 January 2008Robotics: A New SciencePier Luigi Capucci
26 January 2008sk-interfaces exhibition and conference at FACT Liverpooljhauser
26 January 2008Algérie: Exposition «Regards des photographes arabes contemporains» au Musée de l'art modernesoussi
25 January 2008REVERSO__microdanzas__Presentation in MediaLabMadrid__26 januaryjaimedelval
25 January 2008Bologna Italyrmalina
25 January 2008[NEW-MEDIA-CURATING] Conference at ZKM | re Feb Theme of the MonthNina Czegledy
24 January 2008SYRIA: reloading imagesrmalina
24 January 2008MALI Exhibitionrmalina
24 January 2008mark erasmus and STREAMING MUSEUM at The PREMISES - The Johannesburg Civic TheatreNina Czegledy
23 January 2008CfP Tangible and Embedded Interaction - International Journal of Arts and Technologymroussou
23 January 2008CfP Tangible and Embedded Interaction - International Journal of Arts and Technologymroussou
23 January 2008: IA25 & INTER(PR)AXIS in TorontoNina Czegledy
22 January 2008Re: Corpora in Si(gh)teAna Leonor M. Madeira Rodrigues
22 January 2008Corpora in Si(gh)teNina Czegledy
21 January 2008Open Call for Projects: Digital Networks and Physical Space - 2nd Inclusiva-net MeetingPau Alsina
21 January 2008INVITATION [ space ] The Not Quite YetNina Czegledy
20 January 2008DegradarteNoemaLab staff
20 January 2008Computer Arts Society February Meeting: Alan Sutcliffepaul
20 January 2008TONEWHEELS @ NETMAGE + Digicult interviewNina Czegledy
20 January 2008Computer Arts Society February Meeting: Alan Sutcliffepaul
18 January 2008Alexandria, Egyptrmalina
18 January 2008French National Research Agency call re ArtsReseachrmalina
18 January 2008NanoArt 2007 INTERNATIONAL ONLINE COMPETITIONcriorf
15 January 2008Athens Video Art Festival 08 // Call For EntriesVeroniki Korakidou
15 January 2008Festival du film Amazigh (Berbere) à Sétif; Algeriesoussi
15 January 2008E-tissal 2008 : le premier forum international des médias Casablanca (Maroc)soussi
15 January 2008to yasminers in damascusrmalina
15 January 2008Fwd: [PCST] Science Communication in Malawipaul
15 January 2008International Conference "Performing Arts Training Today"Nina Czegledy
14 January 2008Medicine and Music. Full version, translated.piratas.de.la.ciencia
14 January 2008Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 14.01.2008.carolina Dabah Ceballos
14 January 2008Yasmin Diaspora map.carolina Dabah Ceballos
14 January 2008your moderator this week and a postingNina Czegledy
14 January 2008Athens Video Art Festival 08 // Call For EntriesVeroniki Korakidou
14 January 2008Re: Invisible Dynamics: Mediterranean Diasporas, Networks, Processeskorourke
13 January 2008What to Map?Pier Luigi Capucci
13 January 2008Some events in ItalyNoemaLab staff
13 January 2008MoBY Hosting: Call for ProposalsPier Luigi Capucci
12 January 2008Belgium: OKNO programNina Czegledy
12 January 2008Pari Center Italyrmalina
11 January 2008Townhouse Gallery Cairormalina
11 January 2008looking for examples: nano-art, macro-art, natural patternsCynthia B Rubin
11 January 2008SynesthesiaCarol Steen
11 January 2008Medicine and music. Translating each letter of the genetic code into musical notes can contribute to health.piratas.de.la.ciencia
10 January 2008cfp: Computational Aesthetics 2008 - CAe'08paul
09 January 2008Re: Extreme : More references neededXavier Malbreil
09 January 2008ZGRAF 10 - CALL for ENTRIESinfo76
08 January 2008passing of Dimitris Skoufisrmalina
07 January 2008Micro-Science: Or Making Science Intimateandrea
07 January 2008Registration Open! Master in Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media (Barcelona)Narcís Parés
07 January 2008CFP --- New Views 2: Conversations and Dialogues in Graphic Designken.friedman
07 January 2008CFP --- Changing the Change Conference -- Reminderken.friedman
06 January 2008Extreme : More references neededAnnick Bureaud
04 January 2008Re: Micro-Science or Intimate science, intuitive instrumentsyolande
02 January 2008Happy new year for all YASMINERSsoussi
02 January 2008Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 25.12.2007.i.clothier
01 January 2008International Journal of Design -- current TOC & Special Issue CFPken.friedman
31 December 2007Happy New Year - YASMIN gets older !Dimitris Charitos
29 December 2007Re: Micro-Science: Or Making Science Intimateandrea
28 December 2007Happy New Year 2008klaushu
28 December 2007Netiquettermalina
28 December 2007Merry Christmas! Happy 2008!Ricardo Mbarkho
27 December 2007Happy hollydays and new yearguillermo.munoz
27 December 2007invitation 07 janv 08info61
27 December 2007CFP --- Changing the Change Conferenceken.friedman
26 December 2007Happy New Year to All.Nina Czegledy
26 December 2007Competition ARTE 2.0 VOCENTO -- PRIZE - 15.000 euros -listas6
26 December 2007 tetradrmalina
24 December 2007call for proposals arts and sciences documentaryrmalina
24 December 2007Micro-Science: Or Making Science Intimatermalina
22 December 2007Hemispheric New York Emerging Performers Program (EMERGENYC)nsantos
21 December 2007Antibodies__METAFORMANCE of REVERSO__LA CASA ENCENDIDA_MADRIDjaimedelval
19 December 2007TESLA@UCL::Distinguished speaker Professor Igor Aleksander of Imperial College London, Tuesday 22-Jan-2008, 18:00 - 19:00gordana.novakovic
18 December 2007Works of telepresence art by engineers and robotic researcherssmeuf2003
18 December 2007Promotion and Tenure criteria for facultyrmalina
17 December 2007Dubai Digital Art CentRe: Exhibition & PerformancesNina Czegledy
17 December 2007call papers re Social Fabrice: Fashion, wearable computingrmalina
15 December 2007STELARC in Barcelonajaimedelval
13 December 2007Re: Sensitive and interactive musical plantsLasserre Grégory
13 December 2007CxP:::: LABS Phd's databasePau Alsina
13 December 2007CFP:::2d Computer Art ConferencePau Alsina
13 December 2007LISBON, PORTUGAL. Society for History of Technologyrmalina
13 December 2007Happy Birthday Arthur C Clarkermalina
12 December 2007call for student phd and masters thesis abstractsrmalina
11 December 2007Sensitive and interactive musical plantsPier Luigi Capucci
11 December 2007MagmartPier Luigi Capucci
11 December 2007Mapping the Body: The bodily Factor in Memory and social ActionPier Luigi Capucci
11 December 2007DIGIFESTIVALNoemaLab staff
11 December 2007Cinéma des différencesPier Luigi Capucci
11 December 2007FECYT FOTCIENCIApiratas.de.la.ciencia
11 December 2007new Neural mag (#28) [Jodi, Casey Reas, Ryoiji Ikeda, Sebastian Luetgert ...]a.ludovico
11 December 2007trees vs traffic in bangalorermalina
10 December 2007Hot#7 Mutamorphosis; Art & Science in Extreme & Hostile Environmentsw.p.adderley
10 December 2007UNESCO competition re non tangible heritage emblemrmalina
10 December 2007your moderator this weekNina Czegledy
08 December 2007The Arts Catalyst's International Art-Science E-bulletin - December issuenicola
08 December 2007New Leonardo Reviews available on linermalina
07 December 2007New exhibition: Andrew Hieronymi (Chelva, Spain)piratas.de.la.ciencia
07 December 2007Question re Planetary Collegium conference proceedinggreg.giannis
05 December 2007Reverso London MICRODANZAS INTIMACY Across Visceral and digital Performancejaimedelval
05 December 2007MALI : 7th Photography Exhibitionrmalina
04 December 2007Second C omputer Art Conference Mexico Cityrmalina
03 December 2007ART OF ANTHRPODSrmalina
03 December 2007Feb 12 2009 DARWIN ANNIVERSARYrmalina
03 December 2007ARTSCIEDU discussion listrmalina
03 December 2007EXTENDED DEADLINE: 10th DECEMBER 4th International Workshop of the Technologies of the Bodyjaimedelval
03 December 2007Call for participation- SEEDS Festival - Summer 2008!olive
03 December 20077 Ways to Say Internet With Netartdean
03 December 2007'As we Move' Container Workshop Series Jamaicacommunicate
02 December 2007Re: Rencontre avec Khalil Joreige et Joana Hadjithomas/"Something you should know", EHESSAnnick Bureaud
02 December 2007Events in ItalyNoemaLab staff
29 November 2007introductionclaudia westermann
29 November 2007Consciousness Reframed 9: Vienna, 3–5 July 2008claudia westermann
29 November 2007Locative Media Art: towards new types of "hybrid" places for communicating meaningDimitris Charitos
29 November 2007talk in barcelonarmalina
28 November 2007Art, technology, culture Conferences in Marseillec.tron
28 November 2007CFP -- Artifact!ken.friedman
27 November 2007Global Scholarsnsantos
27 November 2007FLORENCE::EMOTIONAL SYSTEMS, contemporary art between emotion and reasonpaualsina
27 November 2007Your moderatorJulien Knebusch
26 November 20072nd Dorkbot at Valenciapiratas.de.la.ciencia
26 November 2007Marseill, France : Art in Sciencermalina
26 November 2007Meeting Points 5rmalina
25 November 2007Intimacy: Across Visceral and Digital Performance. 7-9/12, London.drp01mc
25 November 2007Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 25.11.2007.turbulence
25 November 2007Events in ItalyNoemaLab staff
23 November 2007 4th international Workshop of the technologies of the body - DEADLINE 2nd DECEMBERjaimedelval
22 November 2007art and climateANNA BARROS
22 November 2007CFP -- Design: Management: Organization -- 4th Art of Management Conferenceken.friedman
21 November 2007Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 21.11.2007.namoet2
20 November 2007ISTANBUL= BULGARIArmalina
20 November 2007art and climateStéphan Barron
19 November 2007Yasmin / space/narrative, body, economy/transformationklaushu
19 November 2007About Mutamorphosis and sciart curriculaAna Leonor M. Madeira Rodrigues
19 November 2007Last Call! UNDISCIPLINED! Rigour in emerging design disciplines and professionsken.friedman
18 November 2007list moderationRicardo Mbarkho
18 November 2007Science & Art Entaglement MeetingNoemaLab staff
18 November 2007Events in ItalyNoemaLab staff
17 November 2007lovely weatherandrea
16 November 2007Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 12.11.2007.yolande
16 November 2007Invisible Dynamics: Mediterranean Diasporas, Networks, Processesrmalina
16 November 2007TOULOUSE, france art and science of cognitionrmalina
15 November 2007National Academy of Sciences: call for artist proposalsjtalasek
14 November 2007Podcast et video Objets communicants et environnement[ECM] Maison populaire
14 November 2007CRETE=eurgraphics educationrmalina
14 November 2007Visions and Imaginationgordana.novakovic
13 November 2007new tendencies, Zagrebrmalina
13 November 2007MADRID: Grants for Contemporary Creation Matadero Madridpaualsina
13 November 2007Jeune création vidéo cinéma – 4e éditionPier Luigi Capucci
13 November 2007The Artist Formerly Known As Vanda - Amber'07francescomonico
12 November 2007BARCELONA: Zeppelin 2008 - Convocatoria / Call For WorksPau Alsina
12 November 2007Yasmin dinnerPier Luigi Capucci
12 November 2007Yasmin Full Endorsementpiratas.de.la.ciencia
12 November 2007Emergentes exhibition on laboral centro de artepiratas.de.la.ciencia
12 November 2007Italian correspondentPier Luigi Capucci
11 November 2007international journal of art and technologyrmalina
11 November 2007Locative media and educationrmalina
10 November 2007Fwd: FW: CAMARGO FOUNDATION CALLrmalina
10 November 2007Hanna Geara (EXHIBITION) text: eng-estgearahannah
09 November 2007CFP: UNDISCIPLINED! Rigour in emerging design disciplines and professionsken.friedman
08 November 2007III Encuentro de cibercultura cr�tica y nuevos medios de BilbaoPau Alsina
08 November 2007ITALY: op7 by otolab_the exhibitionPau Alsina
08 November 2007Masterclass in street art using open source technologiescommunicate
06 November 2007Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 06.11.2007.g.giannachi
05 November 2007Daniel Langlois Foundation - 9 Evenings Reconsidered at the Tesla (Berlin)crd
05 November 2007Fwd: Optica 2007, Festival Internacional de Video Arte de Gijonrmalina
05 November 2007Call International IV MONOGRAPHIC SHOW OF MEDIA ARTfelipecl
05 November 2007This week Moderatorguillermo.munoz
04 November 2007MALLORCA:: Metalandscapes Exhibition at Miro Foundationpaualsina
04 November 2007MALLORCA: Conference on Art and Digital Culturepaualsina
04 November 2007Events in ItalyPier Luigi Capucci
03 November 2007Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 03.11.2007.andrea
02 November 2007Stelarc_Sandy Stone_STEIM_EyesWeb..... 4th Workshop of the Technologies of the Bodyjaimedelval
02 November 2007Call for Papers Technartetechnarte
01 November 2007FW: Climate Change & Human RightsThanos Chrysakis
01 November 2007Lisbon, P ortugal LX 2.0's new project by Carlos Katastrofskyrmalina
01 November 2007Last call for videos - ZEMOS98 - Sevilla - Spainmoscas
01 November 2007BARCELONA: The Futures of Sciencepaualsina
01 November 2007comunicato - "Milano in Digitale"paualsina
01 November 2007Journées du Théâtre Scientifique; Marrakech Maroc.soussi
31 October 2007Toulon, France Nov 9 DIGIART07rmalina
31 October 2007CFP: Geopolitics, Soft Power and Popular Culture in the Middle Eastpaualsina
31 October 2007Fwd: Invitation: reception in Barcelona this FRIDAY!rmalina
30 October 2007opening of the Light Illumination and Electricity exhibitionbasak
30 October 2007"EMERGENTES": Art & Science Exhibition in GijonHans H. Diebner
29 October 2007Your YASMIN ModeratorPau Alsina
27 October 2007Leonardo Electronic Almanac Nov 2007rmalina
26 October 2007Video Art in Germany + Video Art in Lebanon / ----- Forwarded Message ----Ricardo Mbarkho
23 October 2007ANNOUNCEMENT TO POST: Colloquium: Mobile/Immbolized: Art, Technologies & (Dis)abilitiesdaubner
22 October 20071st amber'07 body-process arts festival, Istanbul, Turkey, 9-17 November, 2007muratgermen
21 October 2007Drama, Performance and Digital MultimediaPier Luigi Capucci
19 October 2007Dali, art and science (23-25 oct Spain)josep.perello
19 October 2007Second Life Architecture Awardscommunicate
18 October 2007AER- online exhibition at greenmuseumandrea
18 October 2007Las Ilusiones del Cerebro (Neuroscience and Com)piratas.de.la.ciencia
17 October 2007Some news about RAMI/Yasmin in BeirutRicardo Mbarkho
17 October 2007open archivesvojtechovskym
17 October 2007Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 17.10.2007.myriam hammani
16 October 2007ART-ORIENTED PROGRAMMING 2Nina Czegledy
16 October 2007Zeppelin 2008 - Convocatoria / Call For Worksjuanademora
16 October 2007BARCELONA: Working with Nature- FAD 18-19 October ARQUISET_Architecture Week.paualsina
16 October 2007Exposition Chorégraphie Solaire (Maroc)soussi
16 October 2007Moderator for this weekDimitris Charitos
15 October 2007info-debatervilder
15 October 2007Fwd: art-oriented programmingrmalina
15 October 2007Call: In Transition Russia 2008NeMe
14 October 2007new yasminer evelyne bennatirmalina
14 October 2007tudotecansantos
11 October 200720th October 07 - Neurótica:bio II en Intermediae Matadero MadridRaquel Renno
11 October 2007Helen Mayer and Newton Harrison's Greenhouse Britainchris
11 October 2007BARCELONA: Virtual Debate and Lecture on Intelligent Cities, by William J. Mitchell (MIT)Pau Alsina
10 October 2007Symposium on "The Issues and Networks of Art during the Post-Contemporary Era"soussi
10 October 2007SEVILLA:Bases ZEMOS98 10a - deadline 10th of novemberPau Alsina
10 October 2007 Your moderatorJulien Knebusch
08 October 2007=?Windows-1252?Q?RAMI_-_International_Encounters_on_Arts_and_Multimedia._?= =?Windows-1252?Q?October_5_=96_15,_2007?=Ricardo Mbarkho
08 October 2007genpetVeroniki Korakidou
07 October 2007Ear to the Earth 2007chadabe
06 October 2007photo albumnamoet2
06 October 2007Lovely Weather - Art and ClimateJanine Randerson
05 October 2007Synaesthesia in Art and Sciencermalina
05 October 2007Final final call for YASMIN dinner in praguermalina
04 October 2007Play Cultures, Novi Sad, 04 - 25.10.2007 Novi SadNina Czegledy
04 October 2007Visionary Landscapes: Call for Papers and Media ArtNina Czegledy
04 October 2007The Light, Illumination, Electricity projectNina Czegledy
04 October 2007The Light, Illumination, Electricity project, santralistanbulNina Czegledy
04 October 2007Urban Screens Manchester Newsletter 6sarah.turner
03 October 2007MADRID: Neurotica:bioII _ Intermediæ MataderoPau Alsina
03 October 200720th October_NEURÓTICA:BIOII @ Intermediae Matadero, Madridmonica bello
03 October 2007Daniel Langlois Foundation - Awa Meit? to begin residency at OBORO New Media Laboratorycrd
02 October 2007Jaime del Val_Reverso in New York__VideoInterview con Marlon Barrios Solano at Eyebeamjaimedelval
02 October 2007Fw: For YASMINRicardo Mbarkho
02 October 2007El HEMA koopavond 12: Streets of Memory – Roads to Connectivitynat
01 October 2007ISEA2008 deadline extendeds.c.gollifer
01 October 2007STUDIO HAPUR - OPEN STUDIOSNina Czegledy
01 October 2007AV festival first callNina Czegledy
01 October 2007space imaginaries - Sputnik Day in TorontoNina Czegledy
30 September 2007Workshop with Agnes Meyer-Brandis_6th October 2007_Comafosca, Alella, Barcelonamonica bello
30 September 2007List ModerationRicardo Mbarkho
29 September 2007Taxonomías _Inauguración/Opening: 5 de Octubre, 20:00 h. _Comafosca, Node d’Art i Pensament a Alella/ Barcelonamonica bello
29 September 2007RAMI. October 4 -15, 2007 in BeirutNina Czegledy
29 September 2007Sputnik Day Portugalewen chardronnet
28 September 2007Events in ItalyPier Luigi Capucci
27 September 2007Technology and woman's liberation Katarzyna Kozyra at Ludwig MuseumNina Czegledy
27 September 2007[Fwd: Sputnik's 50TH Birthday]info61
27 September 2007ARGOS // WAYS OF HEARING: Eliane Radiguermalina
27 September 2007New dorkbot even at Valenciapiratas.de.la.ciencia
26 September 2007Hot Topic : The Perception of Climate Change (Hot # 3)Nina Czegledy
26 September 2007Fwd: communiqué information RAMI ZINC/ECM Beyrouth Octobre 07rmalina
26 September 2007from Sputnik Satellite to Explorer Artinfo61
26 September 2007townhouse gallery cairormalina
25 September 2007Last Call for YASMIN dinner during MUTAMORPHOSISrmalina
25 September 2007weather report art exhibitrmalina
24 September 2007gray) (area . Korcula ::: Old and depressive anonymous is looking for a permanent display place in some nice new art museum spaceNina Czegledy
24 September 2007ISEA Call for Papers, Panels and Artist Presentationscommunicate
23 September 2007Urban Screens Manchester Newsletter 5sarah.turner
23 September 2007Art and Biology exhibition at IVAM (Valencia)piratas.de.la.ciencia
21 September 2007Fwd: [spectre] STIP: SCHOLARSHIPS IN THE FIELD OF MEDIA.ART.HISTORIESNina Czegledy
20 September 2007some of my experimental singing and mixingmyriam hammani
19 September 2007some of my experimental singing and mixingmyriam hammani
19 September 2007Fwd: Database Aesthetics: Art in the Age of Information Overflowrmalina
19 September 2007Fwd: Introduction lisa robertsrmalina
19 September 2007Fellowshipsnsantos
19 September 2007This week Moderatorguillermo.munoz
19 September 2007Fwd: [Leonardo/ISAST Network] LMJ 18 call for papers: Why Live? Performance in the Age of Digital Reproductionrmalina
17 September 2007Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 17.09.2007.lagelli
17 September 2007Boulevard of Illusions: Learning from New BelgradeNina Czegledy
17 September 2007Around Art&roboticsansavinilaura
17 September 2007International Journal of Design - Cultural Aspects of Interaction Design - 2nd Callken.friedman
17 September 2007Concierto Octofonico Eduardo Polonio - CCCB - 28/09juanademora
17 September 2007Technologicals evolutions: communicating objects and environment[ECM] Maison populaire
16 September 2007plissure du textermalina
16 September 2007Fondation Camargo, Semestre d'Autumne 2007rmalina
15 September 2007Explore Location in Art at The BNMI - Apply by September 21Nina Czegledy
14 September 2007marseille france exhibite Docks Art Fairrmalina
13 September 2007Urban Screens Manchester Newsletter 4sarah.turner
13 September 2007PLAZMA: Opening / 22. September 2007, 16 hNina Czegledy
12 September 2007Territoires invisiblesAnnick Bureaud
12 September 2007Fwd: 17 Sekunden KunstNina Czegledy
12 September 2007Fwd: TAFKAV al Festival Amber07 Istanbul Turchia 9-17 Novembre 2007rmalina
12 September 2007Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 09.09.2007.myriam hammani
11 September 2007Reminder: call for participation Score Spaces Workshopyolande
10 September 2007CFP: Harmonia mundi: Musical instruments in Latin Americansantos
09 September 2007International Journal of Design - CFP - Cultural Aspects of Interaction Designken.friedman
09 September 2007Announcing YASMIN Moderators and Correspondents for Autumn 2007rmalina
09 September 2007ARPAN new digital arts organisation in south francermalina
09 September 2007AIX EN PROVENCE: SECOND NATURE sept 07rmalina
09 September 2007ZIMBABWE arts and itrmalina
09 September 2007invitetmadra
08 September 2007women&technology at ARS ElectronicaNina Czegledy
08 September 2007ctrl_alt_del news letter #1basak
07 September 2007Digital Media and Learning grant programburnett
07 September 2007Poetic Cosmos of the Breath - Tomas SaracenoNina Czegledy
07 September 2007cybersociologyNina Czegledy
07 September 2007Re: your moderator this week & ARS ElectronicaJane
07 September 2007Brid6e / Photographers in Galata - Istanbul Modernmuratgermen
07 September 2007a minima news (new media art, magazine)andrea garcia
05 September 2007Manchester Urban Screens - It's about contentsarah.turner
05 September 2007Daniel Langlois Foundation - 3rd DOCAM Annual Summitcrd
05 September 2007Announcing Mutamorphosis Debates and final call for registrationrmalina
05 September 2007call for participation: Score Spaces Workshopyolande
04 September 2007Re: your moderator this week & ARS ElectronicaJane
04 September 2007Film Screening Resistance[s]: Experimental films from the Middle East and North Africanat
04 September 2007Some events in ItalyPier Luigi Capucci
04 September 2007your moderator this week & ARS ElectronicaNina Czegledy
03 September 2007Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 03.09.2007.krt30
03 September 2007Fwd: ARC Projects presents Stefan Nikolaev - 'Prestige'rmalina
02 September 2007comments about africacolorsCynthia B Rubin
02 September 2007Re: AfricanColoursrmalina
01 September 2007Fwd: FW: CRYPTOBIOSErmalina
31 August 2007Re: AfricanColoursmyriam hammani
31 August 2007MEDIAARCHITECTURE 2007 ConferenceNina Czegledy
31 August 2007comments about africacolorsmyriam hammani
31 August 2007Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 30.08.2007.toutikian
30 August 2007African ColoursNina Czegledy
29 August 2007This week's moderatorDimitris Charitos
28 August 2007TUNIS WORKSHOPrmalina
28 August 2007istanbul biennal real-presencermalina
27 August 2007FEED@Ars Electronica 07Nina Czegledy
27 August 2007FW: Where is your secret decoder ring?myriam hammani
23 August 2007Leonardo Scientists Working Grouprmalina
23 August 2007Digiville - Forms of LifeAndreas Giannakoulopoulos
23 August 2007Exhibiting bioart - Yasmin discussion (HOT #1) Sound art work 'Labyrinthitis' by Jacob Kirkegaard,Nina Czegledy
23 August 2007Memorial Democrático: políticas públicas de la memoria, Coloquio Internacional. Barcelona, 17 al 20 d'Octubre 2007nsantos
23 August 2007Projet ESTIME pour les pays m?diterran?ensmyriam hammani
23 August 2007Fwd: Les Rencontres Internationalesrmalina
20 August 2007african site: Bienvenue sur Wootico.com!Cynthia B Rubin
20 August 2007Results of Istanbul Workshopoguzhan ozcan
19 August 2007Robert Bosch academic Regional Fellowships in BucharestNina Czegledy
17 August 2007TERSHANE, Istanbul presents Factory Days IIbanualpay
16 August 2007Maroc: L'artiste Redouane Bernaz expose ses oeuvres en Australiesoussi
16 August 2007Fwd: Antoinette Murdoch at The PREMISES - The Johannesburg Civic Theatrermalina
14 August 2007Sharjah Prize for Arab Culture 2007soussi
12 August 2007International Journal of Design -- Vol. 1. No. 2, August 2007ken.friedman
11 August 2007AIAV Residence Program: CALL FOR ARTISTSNina Czegledy
10 August 2007Fwd: Museum of Cycladic Art Presents Her(his)toryNina Czegledy
10 August 2007Fwd: ASA 2008 at McMaster Universityrmalina
09 August 2007Our new Algerian Correspondentsoussi
09 August 2007CFP: Art as Research @ Figurations of Knowledge (Berlin ZfL, 3-7 Jul 08) [Scanned]florian.dombois
09 August 2007FW: art qui se passe en algerie et prochemyriam hammani
09 August 2007Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 09.08.2007.behar_david
09 August 2007More light art: projections on cloudsDeborah
09 August 2007Fwd: link...to media art festival istanbulrmalina
09 August 2007art qui se passe en algerie et prochemyriam hammani
08 August 2007FILE 2007 - Hipersonica Performance - Programmensantos
08 August 2007anna barros Art ,Science and PhotonicsANNA BARROS
06 August 2007Disonancias Calls For Artists in SpainNina Czegledy
03 August 2007Research Residencies at the Daniel Langlois Foundation's CR+D and at OBOROcrd
03 August 2007Art ,Science and Photonicsrmalina
03 August 2007Time Patrol in BelgradeNina Czegledy
03 August 2007ANATOLIA 2010tmadra
02 August 2007AMAmyriam hammani
31 July 2007Korcula . Croatia presents pro.ba . SarajevoNina Czegledy
30 July 2007Encounter: Out of Equilbrium, Barcelona 5-7 Septemberjosep.perello
30 July 2007This week Moderatorguillermo.munoz
28 July 2007SPAIN: DISSONANCIAS call for artistsrmalina
26 July 2007Muhtelif - contemporary art magazine, turkeyrmalina
25 July 2007tsc2008/9lagelli
25 July 2007Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 23.07.2007.lagelli
23 July 20072nd Doctoral Symposium on Arab & Muslim Media Researchpaualsina
23 July 2007CFP- Conference- International Media and the 'War on Terror'paualsina
22 July 2007AIR Budapestrmalina
22 July 2007poptronics= on line journal for digital culturermalina
22 July 2007writing for the web training coursermalina
21 July 2007LABoral Presents It's Simply BeautifulNina Czegledy
21 July 2007Spanish Phd's -LABS Deadlinepaualsina
21 July 2007Electronic Arts and Experimenting Center, Argentinarmalina
20 July 2007Education: Domus Academy Presents ARTEXPERIENCE 2007Nina Czegledy
18 July 2007Events in ItalyPier Luigi Capucci
18 July 2007Rencontres Int 2007/2008 ::: Call for FILM / VIDEO / MULTIMEDIANina Czegledy
18 July 2007Call for Project: VIDA 10.0monica bello
18 July 2007PURE DATA WORKSHOP @ KITCHEN BUDAPEST [August 13-17, 2007]Erika Katalina Pasztor
17 July 2007Call for Projects VIDA 10.0Nina Czegledy
17 July 2007CEMAsiddharth
16 July 2007why we need art in Spacempunt
15 July 2007Moderator intro and global remake of Vertov's Man With A Movie CameraNina Czegledy
14 July 2007BIORAMA_13th July_@ DRU, HuddersfieldNina Czegledy
12 July 2007information from X|Media|Lab Melbourne August 10-12th "Digital Worlds: Social, Virtual, Mobile"Figen Gul
11 July 20072007 ANAT Emerging Technologies Mentorshipcommunicate
11 July 2007Call for Submissions: Transitio_mx 02 Electronic Arts and Video Festivalfgouvrit
09 July 2007Fwd: [Leonardo/ISAST Network] Extended submission deadline for Spanish LABS: 31 Julyrmalina
09 July 2007Landsapes and art.piratas.de.la.ciencia
06 July 2007"Museums in Libya 2.0" Project Available Onlinelamusediffuse
06 July 2007ISEA2008 conference callNina Czegledy
05 July 2007Technology and women:Media Forum MoscowNina Czegledy
04 July 2007Kitchen Budapest OpeningNina Czegledy
04 July 2007LABworkshops: Second Life and ChiptunesAndreas P. Giannakoulopoulos
02 July 2007Technology &women: Satellite Voyeurism -- interested women?Nina Czegledy
01 July 2007Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 30.06.2007.Mel Alexenberg
29 June 2007moderationRicardo Mbarkho
29 June 2007date extended to july 20th: open call - ctrl_alt_del - 2007 /2008basak
27 June 2007"Active Dreamers 21"soussi
25 June 2007Reminder - The Darwin Summer Symposium 2007paul
23 June 2007Brazilian Observatory of Digital Culture announcedrmalina
22 June 2007Re: War profiteers in art (Biennale di Venezia, 2007)muratgermen
22 June 2007URBAN/RURALrmalina
21 June 2007BIORAMA_13th July_@ Media Centre of Huddersfield, UKmonica bello
21 June 2007BIORAMA_13th July_@ Media Centre of Huddersfield, UKmonica bello
21 June 2007Talk by Keith Armstrong - 10 July, Londonpaul
16 June 2007I introduce myselfIvan G.
16 June 2007Paradise Lost, The First Roma Pavillon. Venice Biennale.10 June-21 Novembersoussi
14 June 2007NAU21 in Barcelonarmalina
13 June 2007Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 12.06.2007.Mel Alexenberg
13 June 2007new Neural mag (#27) [C.Sollfrank, Girl Talk, K. Cascone, A. Kroker...]a.ludovico
13 June 2007July 13th - BIORAMA - Digital Research Unit, @ Media Centre, Huddersfieldmonica bello
13 June 2007Revue Filigrane : Musique et globalisationAnnick Bureaud
12 June 2007Reminder: Master on Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media (Barcelona)Narcís Parés
12 June 2007BARCELONA: Sonar2007_exhibitions on sound and spacepaualsina
12 June 2007BARCELONA: Sonar 5.1_program of works expressly conceived for 5.1 sound systemspaualsina
12 June 2007BARCELONA: Sonar 2007_Spam as an art formpaualsina
12 June 2007Re: the death of Rudolf Arnheimmarcialart
12 June 2007Was. hington, USA. May 9 to August 26 2007. Exhibition Explores African Script and Artworksoussi
11 June 2007Daniel Langlois Foundation: Projects in Indiacrd
11 June 2007War profiteers in art (Biennale di Venezia, 2007)ana.peraica
11 June 2007This week Moderatorguillermo.munoz
11 June 2007The Darwin Summer Symposium 2007paul
10 June 2007from Switzerlandbasile
10 June 2007Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 09.06.2007.marcialart
09 June 2007Introducing Myselftrouba
09 June 2007TICA Newsletter May 2007Nina Czegledy
08 June 20071957-2007: Space ImaginariesAnnick Bureaud
07 June 2007LABworkshops - Game Art In Gijon - Call for participationdaphne
06 June 2007sudanese scientific academy for youthrmalina
06 June 2007Round table with Frank Popper, Eduardo Kac et Roger MalinaAnnick Bureaud
05 June 2007Mutamorphosis Conference : registration is now openAnnick Bureaud
05 June 2007artafterscience news, June 07zr
05 June 2007Fwd: PAN GOES VENICEpaualsina
04 June 2007Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 04.06.2007.nahla.mattar
04 June 2007Fw: Media art database (call for works)ana.peraica
04 June 2007Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 04.06.2007.stefana_kvark
04 June 20077th of June: Art and Biology Workshop_as part of Dias de Bioarte07monica bello
03 June 2007VIDEOKARAVAAN-TROC ART, Rabat-Morocco 15 June-06 August2007/ Villa des Arts Rabatsoussi
03 June 2007Art - tech events in ItalyPier Luigi Capucci
03 June 2007Introducing myself :-)basile
01 June 2007CALL For Photographs: 3rd Effect issue 4m
01 June 2007Tesla VisionsNina Czegledy
31 May 2007protest against the greek national health systemdimos dimitriou
30 May 2007Artificial Intelligence and artistic creationssophie.lavaud
29 May 2007One prize, one 3-days symposium and one show at GAMeC, BergamoNina Czegledy
29 May 20072? Jornada de The Trend Sessions en el Espacio Movistar: Rhizome en BarcelonaRaquel Herrera
29 May 2007Events in ItalyPier Luigi Capucci
27 May 2007INTERSCULPT 2007christianlavigne
27 May 20077th June- Open Workshop Art and Biology_Adam Zaretskymonica bello
27 May 2007Bulgaria: ARCrmalina
26 May 2007Casablanca, Morocco. "Painting in Movement": an exhibition by Mattevski from 14 June to July 4th 2007.soussi
26 May 2007Tunis, Tunisia. An exhibition entitled " Female Creations"at the Information galeru in Tunis until the May 30, 2007.soussi
26 May 2007Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 26.05.2007.lagelli
25 May 2007MADRID: Technology and Magic. Workshop/Seminar/Exhibitionpaualsina
25 May 2007Subtle Technologies 2007 event coveragePier Luigi Capucci
25 May 2007ciència i poesiamichele.catanzaro
25 May 2007Fwd: New Contemporary Art Magazinen / Nueva Revista de Arte contemporáneormalina
24 May 2007FIAT LUX and NOOR Islamic Art and Math Projectrmalina
23 May 2007Poetry in ParisAnnick Bureaud
22 May 2007Art biotechPier Luigi Capucci
22 May 2007Events in ItalyPier Luigi Capucci
22 May 2007Fwd: ESAV Marrakechrmalina
22 May 2007Introduce myselfroxelb
22 May 2007Tunis, Tuisia. An exibition with the theme "late antiquity" a common link between Tunisia and Sicilysoussi
21 May 2007Re: Welcome to YASMIN mailing listklon.thom.astar
21 May 2007Call for workshops in Alex/ 6-14 of June RAMI Arts and Multimedia International projectRicardo Mbarkho
21 May 2007Art, Design and Technology in Arab States: Casablanca 11-14 July 2007rmalina
19 May 2007Art and Biology Workshop_7th June, as part of Días de Bioarte07monica bello
18 May 2007Re: RAMI: International Encounters on Arts and MultimediaRicardo Mbarkho
18 May 2007Conversation with Eduardo KacPier Luigi Capucci
18 May 2007Art and Biology Workshop_7th June, as part of Días de Bioarte07monica bello
17 May 2007New on Olats : Les Basiques: La litterature numerique by Philippe BootzAnnick Bureaud
17 May 2007Call for paper - Conference in Tunis - April 2008paualsina
17 May 2007Fwd: Exhibitions release at The PREMISES - The Johannesburg Civic Theatrermalina
17 May 2007European Association of Archaeologists (EAA) will be held in Zadar, CroatiaErmalina
16 May 2007New moderatorDimitris Charitos
15 May 2007MADRID Jornada sobre el Procomun / Conference on the Commonspaualsina
15 May 2007MADRID: Inclusiva-net. New art dynamics in Web 2 modepaualsina
15 May 2007SEVILLA: ENCOUNTERS OF MEDIA-ARCHITECTURE Sevilla 16/19 Mayo 2007paualsina
15 May 2007Museums in Libyalamusediffuse
15 May 2007Fwd: [MISP-EVENTS-L] Nano-Network of New Mexico - May Meeting in Las Crucesrmalina
15 May 2007naples gallery openingrmalina
15 May 2007Invitation to Yasminers from the Feminist Art Projectmarcialart
14 May 2007VIMOZpiratas.de.la.ciencia
14 May 2007Wolf Prize in the ArtsMel Alexenberg
13 May 2007Events in ItalyPier Luigi Capucci
13 May 2007RAMI project - Open meeting in Beirut yesterdayRicardo Mbarkho
13 May 2007About deafness. El sonido en la cueva.José Manuel Berenguer
12 May 2007a-m-b-e_r / a-m-b-e_r'07 festivalMert Mavi?
10 May 2007YASMIN policy re distributing newslettersrmalina
08 May 2007Technology and woman's liberation around the MedRimana.peraica
07 May 2007Fes, Morocco. International exhibition of African design "Design Made in africa", from the 2nd and 27th May in the Batha museum.soussi
05 May 2007TICA NEWSLETTER SPRING 2007Nina Czegledy
05 May 2007Fwd: Crítica do contemporâneo. Conferências Internacionais.piratas.de.la.ciencia
04 May 2007Inbetween Zone workshop announcement, BudapestErika Katalina Pasztor
02 May 2007machinima workshop in pragueDenisa Kera
02 May 2007open call - ctrl_alt_del - 2007basak
01 May 2007vol-visitor program in Interaction Designoguzhan ozcan
30 April 2007Art Museums in Second Lifelamusediffuse
30 April 2007funding for artists and writers in arab regionrmalina
28 April 2007The 1st International Festival of NANOART - Finland 2007criorf
28 April 2007Méknes, Maroc. 6ème Festival International de Cinéma d’Animation de Meknèssoussi
27 April 2007Observatory 2007piratas.de.la.ciencia
27 April 2007II Congreso Internacional de Sinestesia, Ciencia y Artepiratas.de.la.ciencia
25 April 2007Internet art work Object of Desireyael
24 April 2007RAMI: June 6-15 workshops Alexendria Egyptrmalina
24 April 2007RAMI: International Encounters on Arts and Multimediarmalina
24 April 2007ASTAR; MILAN, ITALYrmalina
24 April 2007SHAMS, BEIRUT, LEBANONrmalina
24 April 2007ZINC/ECM Marseille, Francermalina
24 April 2007L’ATELIER of Alexandria, EGYPTrmalina
24 April 2007Symposium on "the stakes and the networks of creation at the post-contemporary era"soussi
24 April 2007RAMI: Beyrouth Lebanon May 11-20 2007rmalina
24 April 2007i'd like to introduce myselfgordana.novakovic
23 April 2007Re: air, breath and global warming --looking for Southern Hemisphere African net artistsnorie5
23 April 2007Re: works related to air, breath, global warmingnorie5
22 April 2007Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 19.04.2007.bakkemonika
18 April 2007Archaic samurais.studio
18 April 2007REVERSO_Jaime del Val____DA2_SALAMANCAjaimedelval
18 April 2007works related to Air : Ozone and O_O_OStéphan Barron
17 April 2007Works related to air?andrea
16 April 2007l’Egypte digital collectionrmalina
16 April 2007Moderation take-overJulien Knebusch
14 April 2007architecture, culture and spiritualityrmalina
14 April 200712th Levka Ori Creative Encounters in Cretermalina
14 April 2007Re: Greek contemporary audio art panorama in LondonAida Eltorie
13 April 2007Dakar, Sénégal: an Exhibition by Sylvie Maison and Fatou Bintou in the Village of Arts from 6 to 21 April 2007.soussi
12 April 2007Tanger, Morocco: An original exibition of Picaso's ceramics and engravingssoussi
11 April 2007TECHNICITY" Armand and Bradleyrmalina
11 April 2007Fwd: APRIL at The PREMISES - The Johannesburg Civic TheatreNina Czegledy
11 April 2007Greek contemporary audio production in LondonDimitris Charitos
11 April 2007EVOLUTIONstudio
11 April 2007following up HTMlles EXPORT2 - Belgrade | Sofia | Istanbulbasak
11 April 2007Digital Art events - These days in Israelneora
11 April 2007Digital Kitchen - a new media lab opens in May, 2007 in Budapest, HUErika Katalina Pasztor
10 April 2007BARCELONA: Triangles. Gender and TechnologyPau Alsina
10 April 2007Yasmin PostsAndreas Giannakoulopoulos
10 April 2007***coming event***Figen Gul
10 April 2007Hello to YASMINERsFigen Gul
10 April 2007CSIM Master Program @ UPF - Barcelona --> NEW Web SiteNarcís Parés
10 April 2007RT: BARCELONA: Triangles. Gender and TechnologyPau Alsina
10 April 2007MetamorphosisANNA BARROS
09 April 2007BARCELONA: Triangles. Gender and TechnologyPau Alsina
09 April 2007Ashkal Alwan Invitation / Vid?oAvrilRicardo Mbarkho
09 April 2007NIGERIAN community of young scientistsrmalina
09 April 2007LUCIA MINERVINI joins YASMIN maprmalina
09 April 2007Med reflection grouprmalina
06 April 2007Metamorphosisstudio
04 April 2007News from the Daniel Langlois Foundationcrd
04 April 2007"Visions of self, others and future" An European medrim cultural cooperation projectsoussi
03 April 2007Yasmin Moderator of the weekPau Alsina
03 April 2007Re: Educating Artists for the Future (HOT #6)sajith
03 April 2007The Moroccan photorapher awarded by The French academic society of "Arts, sciences and letters"soussi
03 April 2007residency program ItalyNina Czegledy
03 April 2007women in media culture &technologyNina Czegledy
03 April 2007Re: Educating Artists for the Future (HOT #6)Ricardo Mbarkho
02 April 2007taller VIDA 9.0_ ampliado el plazo-9 Abril/ Workshop VIDA 9.0 new deadline- 9th Aprilmonica bello
02 April 2007TROC ART: Art & Identity 12 April to 04 June 2007 (Morocco)soussi
31 March 2007Re: re collaborationsNina Czegledy
31 March 2007Genco Gulan (Yasmin member) on New Media Art at YaleNina Czegledy
30 March 2007please postMel Alexenberg
30 March 2007Antwerpen (Belgium celebrates the Moroccan contemporary artsoussi
30 March 2007Observatori 2007piratas.de.la.ciencia
29 March 2007Valencia, Spain: Organism at ArtEscapesrmalina
29 March 2007pourinfos Newsletter / 03-28 to 04-04-2007cahen.xavier
29 March 2007artwork alien from any physical-material componentAnnick Bureaud
29 March 2007artwork alien from any physical-material componentavi
29 March 2007Check this site: www.marchonline.orginfo76
28 March 2007SOUTHERN FRANCE; Cat'Art,Sainte Colombe sur l'Hersrmalina
28 March 2007Re: Art Sociologique Message d'alerte Bienalfindelmundo March 29/April 29 2007 UshuaiaAnnick Bureaud
28 March 2007FYI: [Fwd: iCommons Summit '07 registration now open!]to-me
28 March 2007re collaborationsNina Czegledy
27 March 2007welcome Yasminirva29
27 March 2007I-TASC in POITIERS (Fr) / 30 march 2007ewen chardronnet
27 March 2007Barcelona, Spain: BEHDAD REZADEHrmalina
27 March 2007SLOVAK REP: EVOLUTION DE L' ARTrmalina
27 March 2007Why the Greeks could hear plays from the back rowpiratas.de.la.ciencia
27 March 2007VIDA 9.0 workshop_ France Cadet: teaching dogs new tricksmonica bello
27 March 2007Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 26.03.2007.lagelli
26 March 2007Re: Welcome to YASMIN mailing listrachel.ramirez
26 March 2007Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 25.03.2007.Dimitris Charitos
26 March 2007Man in the Machine Symposium Budapest from your moderator of the weekNina Czegledy
25 March 2007ISALTAisalta
24 March 2007how does Jasmin grow ?rmalina
24 March 2007Mutamorphosis; Art & Science in Extreme & Hostile Environmentsrmalina
24 March 2007The 1st International Planetary Collegium Summit in MontrealDimitris Charitos
24 March 2007organizing yasminavsargu
24 March 2007cfp: Leonardo Transactions - fast track section of the Journal Leonardopaul
23 March 2007Re: [Labox] | : : FORMATION : : |Annick Bureaud
23 March 2007"Three Threats to the Survival of New Media"Dimitris Charitos
22 March 2007pourinfos Newsletter / 03-21 to 03-28-2007cahen.xavier
21 March 2007cfp: Batteries not Included: Mind as Machine?paul
21 March 2007TiCA newsletterNina Czegledy
21 March 2007ROMA: Tobecontinuedigitalart out nowPau Alsina
19 March 2007BUCAREST, ROMANIA: Rokolectiv 2007rmalina
19 March 2007VIDA 9.0 Workshop: France Cadet. Art, Robotics and Artificial Lifemonica bello
19 March 2007New moderatorJulien Knebusch
16 March 2007Re: Educating Artists for the Future (HOT #6)natasha
16 March 2007Morocco and its cultures invited in Dijon, France (14 March-24 June)soussi
16 March 2007International festival of the Mediterranean Cinema of Tetouane, Morocco 24-27 March 2007soussi
16 March 2007evolutionary musicrmalina
15 March 2007News from Portugalrmalina
15 March 2007Pioneers of Art and Technology from the Mediterranean Regionrmalina
15 March 2007Synesthesia, cross modal illussions, sounds and nerve transmissionrmalina
13 March 2007women activists from the middle east and north africaNina Czegledy
13 March 2007Interview with Hala Galalrmalina
13 March 2007Natural Designsirene
13 March 2007YASMIN - ART AND NANOTECH ABSTRACT 2003jerturner536
12 March 2007NET-ACT 18/31-03-2007[ECM] Maison populaire
12 March 2007Art, Space & Technology Conference in Sibiu, RomaniaHans H. Diebner
12 March 2007Confernces on aesthetics in Marseillec.tron
12 March 2007Educating Artists for the Future (HOT #6)Nina Czegledy
11 March 2007Bottled Sky Project @ Unfair '07, Athens, Greecemichalous
11 March 2007New moderatorJulien Knebusch
11 March 2007Re: Real-time Bio behavioural feedback technologiessirene
10 March 2007ramon guardans now on YASMIN MAPrmalina
10 March 2007Real-time Bio behavioural feedback technologiesSarah Jane Pell
10 March 2007BARCELONA: NOW_Meetings in the present continuosPau Alsina
09 March 2007=?ISO-8859-1?Q?error_en_fechas_---_La_Era_de_la_Imagen_Electr=F3?= =?ISO-8859-1?Q?nica?=jlb
09 March 2007ITALY, PERUGIA WEB3DARTrmalina
09 March 2007presence in the jasmin mapJean-Marc Matos et Anne Holst
09 March 2007=?ISO-8859-1?Q?La_Era_de_la_Imagen_Electr=F3nica?=jlb
09 March 2007Virtual Symposium on Visual Culture and Biosciencejtalasek
07 March 2007:::::Res-Qualia::::CALL for entriesinfo93
06 March 2007This week list moderationRicardo Mbarkho
06 March 2007Carolyn Guertin joins YASMINrmalina
06 March 2007Judith Frangos joins YASMINrmalina
06 March 2007TICA-Tirana Institute of Contemporary Artrmalina
06 March 2007Klaus Hu joins YASMINrmalina
06 March 2007News from the Daniel Langlois Foundationcrd
05 March 2007Call For Artistic Contributions //CAE 2007info93
05 March 2007DIAS DE BIOARTE_Centre d'Art Santa Mònica_Barcelona_Opening 16th Marchmonica bello
05 March 2007Hot Topic #1 Exhibiting BioArt: Virtual Symposium On Visual Culture and Biosciencegharp
05 March 2007from abed malhasrmalina
05 March 2007hello listnatacha
05 March 2007Tenerife: artech media callrmalina
04 March 2007ICI Berlin FellowshipHans H. Diebner
04 March 2007if you are getting YASMIN messages twicermalina
04 March 2007cfp: Facing the Challenge: Managing Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurshippaul
03 March 2007Intro+ IV07 infotejak
03 March 2007Arte & tecnologie / Arts & technologiesPier Luigi Capucci
03 March 2007Re: Welcome to YASMIN mailing listwghuang
03 March 2007Web3D SymposiumValentina Gentile
03 March 2007Adrian Guzman joins YASMINrmalina
03 March 2007Interview with Sofiane Hadjajrmalina
02 March 2007slavko kacunko joins YASMIN: M.A.D databasermalina
02 March 2007Introducing myselfFrieder Nake
02 March 2007Ana Peraica - new correspondent for CroatiaJulien Knebusch
02 March 2007Fwd: Zander Blom at The Premises Gallery - The Johannesburg Civic Theatrermalina
01 March 20073rd IET International Conference on Intelligent Environments (IE 07), Ulm, GermanyDimitris Charitos
28 February 2007SPAIN: GIJON curator positionrmalina
27 February 2007Morocco: International Festival of the Mediterranean Cinema from the 24th to 31stsoussi
27 February 2007Educating Artists for the FutureAndreas P. Giannakoulopoulos
27 February 2007Irene Lia Schlacht Joins YASMINrmalina
27 February 2007Stephan Meinhardt joins YASMINrmalina
26 February 2007Hellomf
26 February 2007MOROCCO: MARRAKESH M’barek Bouhchichirmalina
26 February 2007Olivier Aubert joins YASMIN networkrmalina
25 February 2007Round Table: Language and Forms 1st March 2007.Cinémathèque de Tanger (Tanger Cineclub) Moroccosoussi
25 February 2007Morocco: Fourth edition of the international Festival of magic from the 15 to 18 March 2007 in Marrakeshsoussi
24 February 2007BARCELONA: Dance, Images and New Media FestivalPau Alsina
24 February 2007ITALY: PARI CENTERrmalina
23 February 2007VD07 call for entries | deadline March 10Christiana Galanopoulou
23 February 2007ELGA FERREIRA now on YASMIN MAPrmalina
23 February 2007POETICS OF CINEMA 2 by Raul RUIZrmalina
23 February 2007Silvia Rigon now on YASMIN maprmalina
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23 February 2007Narcis Pares joins YASMINrmalina
21 February 2007CALL FOR PARTICIPATION : Crossed debates[ECM] Maison populaire
21 February 2007Anna Dumitriu joins YASMINrmalina
21 February 2007new European master's program "Interdisciplinary Master in Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media"mroussou
21 February 2007DORKBOT PARIS #2[ECM] Maison populaire
20 February 2007Basim Magdy exhibitionrmalina
20 February 2007TIRANA , ALBANIA: Artists Residenciesrmalina
20 February 2007Arab Science and Technology competitionrmalina
20 February 2007emergent geographies - live stream starting tomorrowpdesoto
20 February 2007the upgrade!istanbul #7basak
20 February 2007Re: Nanotechnology and art (HOT #5)Annick Bureaud
18 February 2007SARAJEVO BOSNIArmalina
17 February 2007BARCELONA: International Mobile Gamingrmalina
15 February 2007IV Congreso sobre Comunicación social de la Ciencia, CSIC, FECYTpiratas.de.la.ciencia
15 February 2007Poetry and Sciencepiratas.de.la.ciencia
15 February 2007the upgrade!istanbul #7basak
15 February 2007universes in universermalina
13 February 2007Tarragona , Spain meeting of young researchersrmalina
13 February 2007Re: Première mondiale de l'Opéra du SahelAnnick Bureaud
13 February 2007Fwd: [spectre] A CONTEXT MAP OF VisitorsStudio on Remix Theory.Nina Czegledy
12 February 2007SLOVEN IA International Performing Arts Labrmalina
12 February 2007Some Thoughts About Electronic Music in Africarmalina
12 February 2007LabCyberspaces ; winners announcement and.. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION! Anuncio de ganadores.. Y GRACIAS POR PARTICIPAR!ube
12 February 2007IRAN:Paradise International Art Centerrmalina
11 February 2007Hungary International Artist Residency Programrmalina
11 February 2007ARAB EMIRATES:Still Life - Art, Ecology and the Politics of Change - Sharjah Biennial 8rmalina
11 February 2007history of science open archivermalina
09 February 2007Re: Conclusive Evidence / Galerie Dukan & Hourdequin / Vernissage 8 mars 2007 à Marseille et à VladivostokAnnick Bureaud
08 February 2007Re: Cinematheque de Tanger - inaugurationAnnick Bureaud
08 February 2007pourinfos Newsletter / 02-07 to 02-14-2007cahen.xavier
08 February 2007Re: posts from carol steen re synaesthesia et alCarol Steen
08 February 2007Ciclo Imagem e Pensamentopiratas.de.la.ciencia
06 February 2007NOMAD screening programme in CeC & CaC 2007, New Delhibasak
06 February 2007posts from carol steen re synaesthesia et alrmalina
06 February 20071 march deadline for Balkan incentive fundrmalina
06 February 2007Videodance 2007Dimitris Charitos
05 February 2007News from the Daniel Langlois Foundationcrd
05 February 2007Leonardo Art/Science events at CAA Conference February, NYCandrea
04 February 2007Vida o transgenicos (Life Vs Transgenics)piratas.de.la.ciencia
04 February 2007Vida o transgenicos ("Life Vs transgenics") Barcelonapiratas.de.la.ciencia
02 February 2007Training in 3D games and future cinema in PragueDenisa Kera
02 February 2007Sixth International Image Festivalfelipecl
01 February 2007The First Art Tech Media CongressNina Czegledy
01 February 2007Germinador Reportdvdgmz
01 February 2007Fwd: Send to people. Turn off Hydropower - 155-200pm on February 1st.edgecity
01 February 2007Fw:A project by aMAZElabAndreas P. G.
01 February 2007NAS Announces Virtual Symposium on Visual Culture and Bioscience, March 5 to 13, 2007Nina Czegledy
31 January 2007February 1st '07 - THE GLOBAL 5 MIN POWER OFF DAY - Please take a quick lookNina Czegledy
31 January 2007intro and MutamorphosisNina Czegledy
29 January 2007Dr Assimina Kaniari joins YASMINrmalina
29 January 2007ITALY: Gianni Totirmalina
28 January 2007artafterscience at ARCO 07, Madridzr
28 January 2007new book on symmetry in art and scienceGyorgy Darvas
24 January 2007Project participants!info33
24 January 2007"Regards croisés des deux rives" exposition à la Villa des Arts, Rabat (Maroc)soussi
24 January 2007«..On marche..» des rencontres chorégraphiques de Marrakech (Maroc) du 22 au 27 janviersoussi
21 January 2007Fw: Sustainability Meeting on Mediterranean CultureAndreas Giannakoulopoulos
18 January 2007=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Actividades_Funda=E7=E3o_Gulben?= =?ISO-8859-1?Q?kian._Conmemora=E7=E3o_50_anos.?=piratas.de.la.ciencia
18 January 2007CMJ 2007 DVDBob Gluck
18 January 2007Daniel Canogar at Sala parpallo (Valencia)piratas.de.la.ciencia
18 January 2007=?UTF-8?Q?cr=C3=A9ation_contemporaine_maroc?=Jean-Marc Matos et Anne Holst
18 January 2007Du Land Art au BioartPier Luigi Capucci
18 January 2007Imagining Ourselves-Spread the Word-Invite a FriendAida Eltorie
18 January 2007ARS ORNATA CONFERENCErmalina
18 January 2007Deadline remainder JANUARY 22, 2007 - OPEN CALL - EXHIBITION OF LABCYBERSPACES PROJECTS - recordatorio de fecha l=?ISO-8859-1?B?7Q==?=mite 22 de ENERO de 2007ube
18 January 2007pourinfos Newsletter / 01-17 to 01-24-2007cahen.xavier
17 January 2007YASMIN MAPrmalina
17 January 2007Post-humanValentina Gentile
17 January 2007Jaime del Val__REVERSO___new essays_nuevas publicaciones__CRITICAL THEORY_-_jaimedelval
16 January 2007new Neural.it + new mag (#26) [Lozano Hemmer, Oswald, Biosphere...]a.ludovico
16 January 2007BIOS 4piratas.de.la.ciencia
15 January 2007"Juste du plaisir" exposition de l'artiste Marocain Fouad Bellamine a Tangersoussi
15 January 2007MARSEILLE: meeting of World Digital Solidarity orgrmalina
14 January 2007Enactive/07 ... Enaction_in_Arts event, Grenoble, FranceOlivier Tache
14 January 2007Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 13.01.2007.reconfigure
13 January 2007Global Change Scientific Conferencenina
13 January 2007PORTUGAL: Workshop on Music and Artificial Lifermalina
12 January 2007ITALY Eva and Franco Mattes exhibitrmalina
12 January 2007Venice=Istabul exhibitrmalina
12 January 2007La Movida Madrileña. Madrid 06queraltariana
11 January 2007KONTROL online magazine launches its first issue!basak
11 January 2007pourinfos Newsletter / 01-10 to 01-17-2007cahen.xavier
10 January 2007Moderation Schedule January - June 2007Andreas Giannakoulopoulos
10 January 2007frank popper: FROM TECHNOLOGICAL ARTrmalina
08 January 2007Ctheory - The Ultimate Cathedralavi
06 January 2007(HOT #1) MAR 1 call "Wonbit": women on biotechnologiesNina Czegledy
05 January 2007The Other Africa Projectrmalina
03 January 2007MOROCCO: Abdelghani Bibt exhibitrmalina
03 January 2007Raquel Herrera Blogrmalina
03 January 2007ITALY :Piemonte Share Festival 2007:rmalina
03 January 2007CAIRO: MAGHREB CONNECTIONrmalina
03 January 2007ARCO/BEEP NEW MEDIA ART AWARDS - Jury's composition announcementube
03 January 2007OPEN CALL - INTERNATIONAL INVITATION - EXHIBITION OF LABCYBERSPACES PROJECTS - committee's composition announcementube
02 January 2007The SESC/Planetary Collegium conferencermalina
01 January 2007Videobrasil International Electronic Art FestivalRicardo Mbarkho
01 January 2007International Festival of Video art of CasablancaRicardo Mbarkho
01 January 2007BEST WISHES FOR 2007rmalina
28 December 2006CAMARGO FOUNDATION CALLrmalina
28 December 2006SPAIN: LabCyberspace Projectsrmalina
28 December 2006NETMAGE 07 international festival Bologna/rmalina
28 December 2006FABBRICA EUROPArmalina
28 December 2006association of arab science journalistsrmalina
25 December 2006L’APPARTEMENT22, (Rabat Maroc) Exposition du 16 janvier au 25 février 2007soussi
23 December 2006BALKANLINKrmalina
23 December 2006ITALY: PARI CENTERrmalina
20 December 2006pourinfos Newsletter / 12-20-2006 to 01-10-2007cahen.xavier
19 December 2006EUROMEDJulien Knebusch
18 December 2006MUTAMORPHOSIS Call for Papersrmalina
15 December 2006Algérie :3e Festival des déserts et civilisations des peuples des déserts du monde, 13 décembre au 20 Decembre 2006.soussi
13 December 2006Ramon de Soto y Vicente Aguilera Cerni (Antes del Arte)piratas.de.la.ciencia
13 December 2006MEM at Bilbao and Observatori at Valenciapiratas.de.la.ciencia
11 December 2006young arab theater fundrmalina
07 December 2006The sixth edition of the Marrakech International Film Festival From Friday 1st to Saturday 9th December 2006soussi
06 December 2006Science, Art, and Timepiratas.de.la.ciencia
05 December 2006TUNISIA: FIAV 06rmalina
05 December 2006ALBANIA: TIRANA AMC Prizermalina
05 December 2006New EMHRF websiteJulien Knebusch
02 December 2006MARSEILLE 3rd International Meeting of Multimedia Artsrmalina
01 December 2006DUBAI: ETERNITY TOWERrmalina
01 December 2006Fractals and Pollockpiratas.de.la.ciencia
30 November 2006Screen MusicValentina Gentile
30 November 2006E-MotionValentina Gentile
29 November 2006Neural n.23Pier Luigi Capucci
29 November 2006MuVi (Visual Music)Pier Luigi Capucci
29 November 2006VideoEvento d'Arte 2006Pier Luigi Capucci
28 November 2006PEAM 2006Pier Luigi Capucci
28 November 2006CHILE NOOSFERArmalina
28 November 2006Last call for Interactive TV workshop in Istanbuloguzhan ozcan
28 November 2006ITALY AGENCIA 14-24rmalina
28 November 2006BASQUE IDENTITYrmalina
28 November 2006CAIRO: Townhouse Gallery Lost and Foundrmalina
28 November 2006Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 20.11.2006.avi
28 November 2006synaesthetes on YASMINrmalina
28 November 2006L'artiste marocain Aissa Ikken expose a Libourne (France) du 16 novembre au 15 Janviersoussi
27 November 2006Dec 5-NYC : North African Jewish Themes in Art, Literature and MusicCynthia B Rubin
27 November 2006CALL for papers COMPUTATIONAL AESTHETHICS_ _CAE 2007Raquel Paricio
27 November 2006méga-concert a Merzouga, (Maroc) par Jean-Michel Jarre' 16 Décembresoussi
25 November 2006=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Al=F4!_Pra_que_voc=EA_utiliza_o_seu_celular=3F?=roberta.alvarenga
23 November 2006))))) radiolist.org ((((( Plate-forme sonore des arts visuels ))))) | ))))) visual arts noise platform ((((( 6cahen.xavier
23 November 2006pourinfos Newsletter / 11-22 to 11-29-2006cahen.xavier
23 November 2006Interview with Oliver Vodeb.Founder and president of the MEMEFESTroberta.alvarenga
22 November 2006Call for papers TECHNARTEpiratas.de.la.ciencia
21 November 2006Resistant Maps, conference in Genoa 25-26 November 2006a.ludovico
21 November 2006Doctoral Consortium in Communication, Art and Designoguzhan ozcan
20 November 2006UNESCO DIGIARTS 2007 callrmalina
20 November 2006Mediterranean Film Festival - Brussels (Belgium)Julien Knebusch
20 November 2006"Les trois Andalousies" 1 & 02 décembre 2006, 20h30, Institut du Monde Arabe, Parissoussi
19 November 2006Conscious in Coma - chapter 1 - screening programmebasak
18 November 2006Visions of Sciencepiratas.de.la.ciencia
17 November 2006Id-lab workshopsValentina Gentile
17 November 2006TURKEY:rmalina
17 November 2006Exhibiting bioart - Yasmin discussion (HOT #1)Nina Czegledy
17 November 2006Akram Zaatari (Lebanon) lecture at University of TorontoNina Czegledy
17 November 2006SLSA conference on Literature, Science and the ArtsNina Czegledy
16 November 2006pourinfos Newsletter / 11-15 to 11-22-2006cahen.xavier
16 November 2006BARCELONA: Common Bank of Applied Knowledgermalina
16 November 2006Self introductionpascal
15 November 2006south africa: Fotobotrmalina
15 November 2006Flocking OrchestraPier Luigi Capucci
14 November 2006Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 14.11.2006.maghabachi
14 November 2006 "3R’s Maroc" (Trois R Maroc) Seamus FARRELLsoussi
14 November 2006New Prize: Science Divulgation. Art and Science topic.piratas.de.la.ciencia
14 November 2006Second Reminder WS: CREATIVE THINKING FOR INTERACTIVE TVoguzhan ozcan
13 November 2006800 YASMINERSrmalina
13 November 2006Madrid [ARS-GAMES] Noviembre2006-SPAINviralgames
13 November 2006=?iso-8859-1?Q?:::RES-QUALIA:::_Bolet=EDn_informativo-Information_Bulleti?= =?iso-8859-1?Q?n-Butllet=ED_informatiu_no._6?=Raquel Paricio
13 November 2006"Vision du Maroc" : exposition photographique à Séville du 8 novembre 2006 au 15 janvier 2007soussi
13 November 2006video and new media bienalor
12 November 2006European ICT Prize 2007Pier Luigi Capucci
12 November 2006ArcheoVirtualPier Luigi Capucci
11 November 2006cybersyn /video and new media bienal of santiagoor
11 November 2006New moderatorDimitris Charitos
09 November 2006La lettre pourinfos/ du 08-11 au 15-11-2006cahen.xavier
07 November 2006Photosharing Project of Art Museums in Africalamusediffuse
07 November 2006Re: Next Yasmin Hot Topic : The Perception of Climate Change (Hot # 3)Nina Czegledy
07 November 2006Draguignan, France:regional workshop on new media trainingrmalina
06 November 2006Tomorrow NowValentina Gentile
06 November 2006Art and Science in their Natural Habitat -- SeminarNina Czegledy
06 November 2006club to clubPier Luigi Capucci
05 November 2006Geopolitics of the Mediterranean RimJulien Knebusch
05 November 2006Music and Modernity in Contemporary Syriarmalina
04 November 20064 international residenciesNina Czegledy
04 November 2006Science events (CSIC, UV, ...)piratas.de.la.ciencia
03 November 2006addition to Internet Governance ForumNina Czegledy
03 November 2006Fwd: Blogging... from Athens (and beyond)... APC focuses on the Internet Governance Forum http://blog.apc.org/ and genderit.orgNina Czegledy
03 November 2006Deux Photographes Marocains à la Biennale des Iles Canariessoussi
03 November 2006*aux2mondes.org*xavierL
02 November 2006pourinfos Newsletter / 11-01 to 11-08-2006cahen.xavier
01 November 2006moderationRicardo Mbarkho
31 October 2006The Web before the WebNina Czegledy
31 October 2006The Perception of Climate Change (Hot # 3)Nina Czegledy
31 October 2006Nano artAnnick Bureaud
30 October 2006Revue francophone Numerique et PoetiquexavierL
30 October 2006What remains is future -exhibitionNina Czegledy
30 October 2006SYTIA: call for proposalsrmalina
30 October 2006Cimetta fund for travel grants in med regionrmalina
30 October 2006ALBANIA: TIRANA BIENNALE and TICA residenciesrmalina
29 October 2006Re:Place Conference on History of New Media Arts, Sciences and Technologyrmalina
29 October 2006Genoa,Italy: The Third Culture/Edgermalina
29 October 2006Fwd: ECG Virtual Learning // Aprendizaje virtual ECGpiratas.de.la.ciencia
29 October 2006e-artcasting, Collaborative Project about Sociable Technologies in Art Museumslamusediffuse
28 October 2006Association Horizon Paysage (France)Julien Knebusch
28 October 2006Paysages sonores - Soundscapes (Avignon, France)Julien Knebusch
27 October 2006Mil i una veus-Mil y una voces-Thousand and one voicesJosé Manuel Berenguer
27 October 2006France Telecom seeks PhD student on Interface Designrmalina
27 October 2006Spanish Minotauro Price (Science-Fiction and Fantastic Literature)piratas.de.la.ciencia
27 October 2006Do you Know http://www.pourinfos.org ? THE DAILY ART NEWScahen.xavier
27 October 2006MAROC=VIETNAM: Marseille Nov 4 - 12 Video Installationsrmalina
26 October 2006LE MAROC DES OASIS Rencontres de cultures au Musées Royaux d'Art et d'Histoire Bruxellessoussi
26 October 2006ARCO/BEEP awardsrmalina
26 October 2006Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 26.10.2006.tonirumbau
25 October 2006Holland: Creative Industries conferencermalina
25 October 2006=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Fwd:_Lisbon_news::_RTPN_ciencia_//_Ch?= =?ISO-8859-1?Q?arla_Literatura_Cient=EDfica_na_Almedina?=piratas.de.la.ciencia
25 October 2006=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Fwd:_Rv:_Communiqu=E9_Initiative_Bulletin_-_October_2006?=piratas.de.la.ciencia
25 October 2006Gamescenes/GamescapesValentina Gentile
24 October 2006Call for Applicationsemily
24 October 2006evomusart 2007 Valencia Spainrmalina
24 October 2006Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 23.10.2006.enriquem
23 October 2006Recent Yasmin UpdatesAndreas P. Giannakoulopoulos
23 October 2006Parution Livre et ConferenceJaco DU TOIT
23 October 2006HTMlles EXPORT2 - Belgrade | Sofia | Istanbulrmalina
23 October 2006new issue of aminimarmalina
23 October 20064ème édition des « Rencontres Musicales de Casablanca »soussi
23 October 2006Art of the Futurepiratas.de.la.ciencia
23 October 2006MADRID WHITE NIGHTrmalina
22 October 2006MAGREB CONNECTIONrmalina
22 October 2006PresentationValentina Gentile
22 October 2006HTMlles EXPORT2 - Belgrade | Sofia | Istanbulbasak
21 October 2006Liminal Spaces, Leipziggalit
20 October 2006Magmart - International Festival of VideoArtPier Luigi Capucci
20 October 2006Tomorrow NowPier Luigi Capucci
20 October 2006Nanotechnology and artavi
20 October 2006 FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE VÍDEO ART VALÈNCIApiratas.de.la.ciencia
19 October 2006e-Art Book PresentationPier Luigi Capucci
19 October 2006commercial project to help artdirector
19 October 2006Re: Nanotechnology and artpiratas.de.la.ciencia
19 October 2006BARCELONA: Kosmopolis, Literature and HipermediaPau Alsina
19 October 2006Re: Nanotechnology and artpiratas.de.la.ciencia
19 October 2006ONLINE DEBATE: Learning to live together, by Mustapha CherifPau Alsina
19 October 2006BARCELONA: Kosmopolis, Literature and HipermediaPau Alsina
19 October 2006Barcelona: Learning to live together, by Mustapha CherifPau Alsina
19 October 2006Setmana de Benvingudapiratas.de.la.ciencia
17 October 2006Re: Fw: Faire-part du des de Mavros _/_ Michel Mavros death announcementAnnick Bureaud
15 October 2006Nanotechnology and aer( )sculpturesmichalous
14 October 2006My two centsPier Luigi Capucci
13 October 2006Nanotechnology and artpiratas.de.la.ciencia
13 October 2006))))) radiolist.org (((((.))))) visual arts noise platformcahen.xavier
13 October 2006languages, discussionCynthia B Rubin
12 October 2006SWITZERLAND: Science, Technics and Aestheticsrmalina
12 October 2006Space, Time, Spectators. Instalations and new media on the Ivam Colection.piratas.de.la.ciencia
12 October 2006OUT OF CONTROL - Seville - Spain - Call for worksmoscas
12 October 2006Scientific poetryJulien Knebusch
12 October 2006New Spanish corrrespondentsJulien Knebusch
12 October 2006Fotociencia y Observatori dels paisatgesguillermo.munoz
10 October 2006PROVENCE-PERNAMBUCOrmalina
10 October 2006ANIMANET: French, Egyptian, Lebanese projectsrmalina
10 October 2006SAHARA discussion initated by Ramon Guardansrmalina
10 October 2006FRANCE: GRATINrmalina
10 October 2006Last Call for Papers and Artworksartscience_com
09 October 2006New info: CREATIVE THINKING FOR INTERACTIVE TVoguzhan ozcan
08 October 200611 aer( )sculptures in Museum of Cycladic Artmichalous
06 October 2006Fwd: Extended application deadline: Mobility and cultural co-operation (training of trainers/ Bucharest, October 27)David Villalón
04 October 2006=?iso-8859-1?Q?:::RES-QUALIA:::_Bolet=EDn_informativo-Information_Bulleti?= =?iso-8859-1?Q?n-Butllet=ED_informatiu_no._5_=28txt=29?=Raquel Paricio
04 October 2006:::Video entrevistas en ARTNODES:::::::nlaviana
03 October 2006this week's moderatorPau Alsina
03 October 2006San Sebastian: International Ontology Congress-The Real and the VirtualPau Alsina
03 October 2006Call for submissions - Ars HyperMediainfo22
02 October 2006< videomedeja 06 > call for submissionsnenad@videomedeja.org
29 September 2006Date Revision: CREATIVE THINKING FOR INTERACTIVE TVoguzhan ozcan
29 September 2006Workshop: CREATIVE THINKING FOR INTERACTIVE TVoguzhan ozcan
29 September 2006Istanbul Workshop: CREATIVE THINKING FOR INTERACTIVE TVoguzhan ozcan
27 September 2006LLUBJANA: International Student Film and Video Festivalrmalina
27 September 2006NICOSIA: The Memory Boxrmalina
27 September 2006SOUTH AFRICArmalina
27 September 2006PORTUGAL/ Foundation for Arts, Sciences, Technologyrmalina
26 September 2006BIENNIAL OF THE YEAR 3000Annick Bureaud
26 September 2006Re: International Meeting in Portugal Oct.2006Annick Bureaud
26 September 2006ValenciaNina Czegledy
24 September 2006medi@terra, 7th International Art + Technology Festival, Athensmroussou
23 September 2006Today - Hoy - OrganiRandomytoaranda
22 September 2006Moderation Schedule September - December 2006Andreas P. G.
21 September 2006YASMIN MEETING in VALENCIA October, 4th, 2006Julien Knebusch
21 September 20063-th international video art & short film festival Prilep MacedoniaRicardo Mbarkho
18 September 2006Joy of the Gizmo call for papersrmalina
18 September 2006On a previous mail to the listvsirak
15 September 2006Call for worksRicardo Mbarkho
14 September 2006SYRIA: 4th Conf on Science and Tech in Arab Worldrmalina
14 September 2006exhibitions of Vladimir Tamarirmalina
14 September 2006MARCEL.LI ANTUNEZ next performances.rmalina
13 September 2006new member:consuelorozo
12 September 2006Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 09.09.2006.Marcel.lí Antúnez Roca
12 September 2006event at CENTRO ATL?NTICO DE ARTE MODERNO- CAAMmroussou
11 September 2006Re: Welcome to YASMIN mailing listnina
11 September 2006new member from Thailand: Wittenbergerrmalina
10 September 2006HUNGARY: TRANSITIONERSrmalina
10 September 2006Valencia; Expanding the Spacermalina
10 September 2006Collective Intelligence in Barcelonajosep.perello
09 September 2006New member - a few words about mevlatkoceric
09 September 2006Encuentro_2007: Save the Date! Reserven la fecha!nsantos
08 September 2006Barcelona: 6 new video-interviews in ArtnodesPau Alsina
08 September 2006VALEN CIA SPAIN. EvoMUSART 2007rmalina
07 September 2006THE EDGErmalina
07 September 2006Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 07.09.2006.avi
06 September 2006IBIZA BIENNAL CALLrmalina
06 September 2006BARCELONA; Intelligencia Collectiva 12, 13 Septrmalina
06 September 2006Charles Baroud intrormalina
05 September 2006Muestra de Arte Digital en Caixaforum (Barcelona)nlaviana
05 September 2006SOUTH AFRICA/ Digital Arts, Wits, Univ Witwatersrandrmalina
05 September 2006Call for papers and artworksartscience_com
05 September 2006PLEASE POSTash bulayev
01 September 2006News from the Daniel Langlois Foundationcrd
30 August 2006Reminder for eCAADe 2006 at Volos, 6-9 SeptemberDimitris Charitos
29 August 2006art & the environmentid
29 August 2006Cinema Lebanon: Benefit Screening In De Balie Sep 9nat
29 August 2006SPAIN: Telefonica Vida 9.0rmalina
29 August 2006TURKEYmuhtelifrmalina
22 August 2006Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 22.08.2006.Mel Alexenberg
19 August 2006SIGGRAPH: 2007 Global Eyes Call deadline 19 January 2007rmalina
19 August 2006CROATIA: per(mutations)rmalina
17 August 2006FRANC E: EMERGENCE FESTIVALrmalina
17 August 2006BASQUE EUSKADIrmalina
15 August 2006Mrabba Electroni[c]que: Global Web Jam now archivednat
15 August 2006CALL FOR VIDEOS: ZEMOS98 [novena =?windows-1252?Q?edici=F3n=5D_?= =?windows-1252?Q?-_Sevilla_-_Spain?=moscas
15 August 2006helloytoaranda
14 August 20064th mediteranean short film festival Tanger, Moroccosoussi
14 August 2006This week's moderatorPau Alsina
13 August 2006Scenocosme : new interactive and digital artworkLasserre Grégory
12 August 2006artists and scientists in times of warrmalina
12 August 2006last ISEA2006 dispatchNina Czegledy
12 August 2006introductionJosé Manuel Berenguer
11 August 2006yasmin as a place for long term dialoguermalina
11 August 2006future of art in a digital agermalina
11 August 2006info from Övünç Özbarýþrmalina
11 August 2006international barcelona dance awardsrmalina
11 August 2006ISEA2006/ZeroOne reportNina Czegledy
10 August 2006update artcienciaartscience_com
09 August 2006European Workshop in Immersive Cinema - Sept. 11-15, Espinho, Portugalid
09 August 2006Re: [dance-tech] ee You in Walhalla =?windows-1252?Q?=96_A_t?= =?windows-1252?Q?hree_locational_triptych_-_live_on_www=2Eam?= =?windows-1252?Q?orphy=2Eorg/imap_on_September_14th=2C_2006?=Annick Bureaud
08 August 2006ISEA2006 dispatchNina Czegledy
07 August 2006*Particles of Interest: Tales from the Matter Markets*rdom
07 August 2006News from the Daniel Langlois Foundationcrd
07 August 2006greetings from ISEA2006Nina Czegledy
06 August 2006into fro ali ehsanrmalina
05 August 2006introductionmarcialart
03 August 2006Cultura e Pensamento 2006nsantos
30 July 2006Recently posted at StrangeWeather .infojoy.garnett
26 July 2006The Canary Project/Strange Weather: Earthbeat radio interviewsjoy.garnett
21 July 2006Symmetry Festvial 2006Gyorgy Darvas
15 July 2006ITALY: 9th Generative Art Conferencermalina
14 July 2006Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 13.07.2006.Mel Alexenberg
14 July 2006The 3rd International Theater Festival of Marrakech, 17 to July 27, 2006soussi
13 July 2006new Neural magazine #25 [Zielinski, Lialina, Polli, Snog, Raqs...]a.ludovico
11 July 2006Re: Netmage 07 | Creative and innovative images on art, media, communication > Call for participantsAnnick Bureaud
10 July 2006Re: Next Yasmin Hot Topic : The Perception of Climate Change (Hot # 3)Nina Czegledy
09 July 2006Re: Next Yasmin Hot Topic : The Perception of Climate Change (Hot # 3)marcialart
08 July 2006Re: Next Yasmin Hot Topic : The Perception of Climate Changesajith
07 July 2006Recently posted at StrangeWeather.infojoy.garnett
07 July 2006INTELLIGENT AGENT 6.1 Launchnoflowersforsun
07 July 2006TUNISIA NEWS ?rmalina
07 July 2006EU call for proposal for cultural activities in Lebanonvbriffa
04 July 2006News from the Daniel Langlois Foundationcrd
04 July 2006Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 04.07.2006.avi
04 July 2006Keeping discussions within one thread...Julien Knebusch
03 July 2006Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 03.07.2006.lolado
02 July 2006Call for Papers and ArtworksIrene Aparicio
29 June 2006Les Couleurs du Maghreb, 20 juin 2006 - 16 mars 2008, Musée départemental Albert-Kahn de Boulogne-Billancourtsoussi
28 June 2006Presentation of the "Appartement 22", Rabat Morocco.soussi
28 June 2006European Interaction Design Summer Schoologuzhan ozcan
27 June 2006Our new Portugese correspondentJulien Knebusch
24 June 2006Our new Moroccan correspondentJulien Knebusch
23 June 2006Praxis Special Event: Book presentation 6/28/06andreajuan
22 June 20069e Festival Gnaoua et Musiques du Monde 22 au 25 juin 2006soussi
22 June 2006Danse de Lettre à Dar Bellarj Marrakesh, Marocsoussi
21 June 2006e-misferica reminder/ recordatorionsantos
21 June 2006Introductionchris
21 June 2006para artistas en AlterCultura (El Raval-Barcelona)altercultura
18 June 2006IRAN: ParkingGallery Deeper Depression Multimedia projectrmalina
15 June 2006Re: ITALY: June 30 Asolo deadlinedenisroche
14 June 2006ISRAEL: SUGIA 2rmalina
14 June 2006new BLESOK issuermalina
14 June 2006MALI: Art of SOGOBO exhibit openingrmalina
14 June 2006Multiple e-mailsAndreas Giannakoulopoulos
13 June 2006Barcelona: Sonar 2006_ SonarMatica presents Always OnPau Alsina
12 June 2006July 5 deadline Dissoniance artists residencies in r and d labsrmalina
12 June 2006=?iso-8859-1?Q?Selecci=F3n_am=EDnima_para_S=F3nar?=clara
10 June 2006Opening: 'arusa, 11 Juneinfo99
10 June 2006TELEATTACK avui !!edrok
08 June 2006Opening: el daba by Mohamed Sharkawy, 11 Juneinfo99
08 June 2006Book Reading: Illa Ibnaty, May 25info99
08 June 2006RV: ARTECH 06 ( Intenational Conference)Pau Alsina
05 June 2006“Therapy by Art”, Casablanca, Morocco.soussi
05 June 2006L'artiste-peintre Mahi Binebine expose à Marrakech, Maroc.soussi
04 June 2006new member info_chih-yuan chang from Taiwanchih-yuan chang
02 June 2006Le 12é Festival de Fès des Musiques Sacrées du Monde Fes, Maroc.soussi
01 June 2006INAUGURACI DE LA EXPOSICI PAblica Barcelonaaltercultura
01 June 2006Valencian Yasminerguillermo.munoz
31 May 2006new member infocristmiranda
31 May 2006introid
31 May 2006new moderatorrmalina
30 May 20068ème Boulevard des Jeunes Musiciens Casablanca Marocsoussi
29 May 2006Dance and Technologies workshop, Istanbul, TurkeyAnnick Bureaud
29 May 2006Borrowed Film Series: 3 + 5 Aprilinfo99
29 May 2006Cinema Tunis: 1st, 2nd and 4th of Aprilinfo99
29 May 2006sounds crazy!nsantos
29 May 2006Announcement: Ina Zeuch and Ceramic collectioninfo99
29 May 2006Musrara Mix #[06]basak
26 May 2006yasminer profileChristiana Galanopoulou
24 May 2006Re: [Spam] artciencia.com - Updated version onlineANNA BARROS
24 May 2006The Project Room: Jan Rothuizen and Bart de Baetsinfo99
24 May 2006Cidae.net - CALL FOR PAPERS+PROJECTSrkd
24 May 2006REVERSO_Jaime del Val en TECHNARTE_Bilbao_SPAINjaimedelval
24 May 2006SENEGAL:Melle Wu Meichieh vernissage 26 mairmalina
24 May 2006artciencia.com - Updated version onlineartscience_com
19 May 2006Townhouse TheatRe: The Spring Convention 20-25 Mayinfo99
18 May 2006Beirut International Platform of DanceAnnick Bureaud
17 May 2006Sound-art in TurkeyAnnick Bureaud
17 May 2006Bourses de séjour pour artistes Marocainssoussi
16 May 2006artafterscience newszr
16 May 2006Re: evenings theatre engineering confrence 23 maiAnnick Bureaud
15 May 2006FRANCE, SOPHIA-ANTIPOLIS: 4th Dimension Festival Art and Techrmalina
15 May 2006YASMIN-meeting in octobrec.tron
15 May 2006Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 14.05.2006.guillermo.munoz
14 May 2006Expanding the space- Call for participationAnnick Bureaud
13 May 2006The Perception of Climate ChangeJulien Knebusch
12 May 2006ITALY: FABRIC A EUROPArmalina
12 May 2006book by mel alexenbergrmalina
12 May 2006Yasmin meeting in Valencia - October 4-6, 2006Julien Knebusch
12 May 2006OPEN STUDIO EVENINGS: May 12-13, 7-9 PMinfo99
11 May 2006Open Studio Project: Tonight - ORGANUM PLAYTESTinfo99
11 May 2006Mediterranean Films Crossing Borders (San Sebastian)soussi
10 May 2006this week's moderatorNina Czegledy
10 May 2006Open Studio Project: Curating Sound tonight at 8pminfo99
10 May 2006OVNI 2006 Barcelona, Spainsoussi
10 May 2006K. Dance Group Workshop "Corps et Technologie"soussi
10 May 2006SAUDI ARABA: science university plansrmalina
10 May 2006LEBANON science planrmalina
07 May 2006TransISTor sessions on game technologiesDenisa Kera
07 May 2006Open Studio Project: 7-11 Mayinfo99
06 May 2006a different eurovisionjiannis
05 May 2006:::res-qualia:::art-science and evolution of consciousness ::: e-boletin//e-bulletin//e-butlleti no2::::Raquel Paricio
05 May 2006:::res-qualia:::art-science and evolution of consciousness ::: e-boletin//e-bulletin//e-butlleti no2::::Raquel Paricio
05 May 2006Media Art Groupsoussi
03 May 2006BABELMEDrmalina
03 May 2006SENEGAL: DAKARTrmalina
02 May 2006Retooling for real time: New technology enters Beirut art sceneJaco DU TOIT
02 May 2006Play on-line with Islamic Geometrical designJaco DU TOIT
02 May 2006Unesco to organise music competitionJaco DU TOIT
01 May 2006Welcome to Open Studio 2006info99
26 April 2006artciencia deadline approachesIrene Aparicio
24 April 2006new Neural magazine #24 [Shu Lea Cheang, Arcangel, Stromajer, People Like Us ...]a.ludovico
24 April 2006SPAIN: TECHARTE UPDATErmalina
23 April 2006Barcelona 28 abril: OUVERTURE Laboratori de Noves Visions Digitalseclectica
21 April 2006JERUSALEM: Sugia 2rmalina
21 April 2006EGYPTIAN VIDEO ARTrmalina
21 April 2006the upgrade!istanbul #5Nina Czegledy
21 April 2006Rencontre avec Youns Rahmounrmalina
20 April 2006Coming Soon: OPEN STUDIO 2006info99
20 April 2006new yasmin list membersoussi
20 April 2006Scholarships for young Muslim scientistsrmalina
20 April 2006QATAR: reseach excellencermalina
20 April 2006educational issues: input from Naimarkrmalina
20 April 2006EGYPT: Blow at phone to guide your boatrmalina
20 April 2006the upgrade!istanbul #5basak
18 April 2006CALL_FOR_APPLICATIONS Curator ab__2006/2007_Stockholm Paris Nicosia Istanbul BerlinAnnick Bureaud
18 April 2006Artists Opportunities: NIFCA 2006info99
18 April 2006Fw: AlterCultura INAUGURACI: FIGURES LIBRES Thomas_Labarthealtercultura
18 April 2006Technarte 2006, Digital Cornertechnarte
18 April 2006new yasmin list membergharp
17 April 2006MOROCCO: MAHI BINEBINE web sitermalina
17 April 2006moderation handoverrmalina
16 April 2006Made in Istanbul ISEA newsletterrmalina
16 April 2006filmaker with info on Malirmalina
16 April 2006BELGRADE: 03ONErmalina
16 April 2006Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 18.02.2006.Jean-Marc Matos et Anne Holst
16 April 2006HUNGARY-GOLDSMITH programrmalina
14 April 200618 & 30 April: Ina Zeuch, Hala Troupe + Open Foruminfo99
13 April 2006Call for Submissions from Displaced PeopleNeMe
13 April 2006Educational Issues around MedRimrmalina
12 April 2006MAPArmalina
11 April 2006FW: apple ? projet/ call for proposals - Arborescence digital art festivalRicardo Mbarkho
10 April 2006INTV: Nuevo plazo / new deadline / epe berria: 20 April.Nina Czegledy
10 April 2006Simposio: La =?iso-8859-1?Q?Condici=F3n?= Postmedia en el Contexto =?iso-8859-1?Q?Espa=F1ol?=Nina Czegledy
10 April 2006New on Leonardo/OlatsAnnick Bureaud
10 April 200611 & 12 April: Talks/Screenings/Performancesinfo99
09 April 2006YURIS NIGHT PARTIES ON MED RIM; april 12rmalina
08 April 2006Launching The Project Room: Welcome, 9 April, 7 pminfo99
07 April 2006Re: Welcome to YASMIN !!paul.thomas
07 April 2006Opening: Portraits of Ashoura, 9 April - 7pminfo99
07 April 2006Opening: Downloads from Future, 9 April - 7pminfo99
07 April 2006under_ctrl newsletter #3basak
06 April 2006JORDAN: renewable energy conferencermalina
06 April 2006EGYPT: first chemistry intnl confrmalina
06 April 2006Scholarships for Arab university facultyrmalina
06 April 2006QATAR: arab expatriate scientists conferencermalina
06 April 2006SPAIN: digital objects call for papersrmalina
06 April 2006multiple art infos...Ricardo Mbarkho
05 April 2006Artists Talk: Susanne Jirkuff and Katrin Plavcakinfo99
05 April 2006UPDATE Art and Science - Call for papers and artworksartscience_com
05 April 2006Express Your Talent with Cilantroinfo99
03 April 2006Re: welcome to YASMINjalvares
30 March 2006Re: Aer( )sculpture @ Physics Conference, Greeceavsargu
30 March 2006Aer( )sculpture @ Physics Conference, Greecemichalous
29 March 2006med rim solar eclipse under wayrmalina
28 March 2006UNESCO COURIER RE BORNrmalina
28 March 2006FW: [Fwd: appel ? projet art num?rique/call for proposals digital arts]Ricardo Mbarkho
28 March 2006Science in Muslim Worldrmalina
27 March 2006FW: artist-in-residence programRicardo Mbarkho
26 March 2006Message from Denisa Kera - Game Engines/Social EnginesJulien Knebusch
26 March 2006art and consciousness in post biological erarmalina
25 March 2006EGYPT: New science ministerrmalina
24 March 2006arte contemporáneo y homofobiajbarbancho
24 March 2006Townhouse Special: Free Cakes *WALIMA*info99
23 March 2006Workshop "smart digits"Ricardo Mbarkho
20 March 2006PUBLIC ISTANBULrmalina
17 March 2006Borrowed Film Series: 20 + 22 Marchinfo99
17 March 2006emailaddressPERIVOLIOTIS MARG.
16 March 2006new on the listbosch.simons
16 March 2006Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 16.03.2006.Michele Emmer
15 March 2006NICE FRANCE ICT managementrmalina
15 March 2006romania-a rtists residenciesrmalina
14 March 2006call for entries gallery2006Nina Czegledy
14 March 2006Artists' Residences in South-East Europermalina
14 March 2006GREECE: MEDITERRArmalina
13 March 2006Info&communication conf. CairoNina Czegledy
12 March 2006New Moderation ScheduleAndreas P. Giannakoulopoulos
12 March 2006Gulsun Karamustafa in MilanNina Czegledy
10 March 2006The Burrowed Film Seriesinfo99
10 March 2006Some instructions for the bioart discussion...Julien Knebusch
09 March 2006Townhouse Opening: Nora Bachel's Labyrinthinfo99
09 March 2006Townhouse Opening: Amre Heiba's The Musical Boxinfo99
08 March 2006Res QualiaJulien Knebusch
08 March 2006Townhouse Library: International Women's Dayinfo99
08 March 2006artafterscience updatezr
08 March 2006multiple art news...Ricardo Mbarkho
05 March 2006Resident Artist's Talk: Song-Jei Cheninfo99
04 March 2006call for papers - art, science, communicationartscience_com
03 March 2006SOUTH AFRICA: Shannin Antonopoulo exhibitrmalina
02 March 2006Video evening 4: 2.3. at Forum Stadtparknoflowersforsun
01 March 2006Introduction - Andrea Polliapolli
01 March 2006off--press to exit project space--skopje--03.03.2006basak
01 March 2006Call for submissions to Leonardo Abstracts Service LABSrmalina
01 March 2006My Climate Change videos and eventzr
28 February 2006Artists Opportunities: Manifesta6 Deadline March 1info99
27 February 2006Exhibiting bioartJulien Knebusch
27 February 2006Leonardo Art and Genetics Biliographyrmalina
27 February 2006ITALY: ASOLO FILM FESTIVALrmalina
27 February 2006ISRAEL: MIDBAR residencesrmalina
25 February 2006Call for Vol-Visitor Program in Interaction Designoguzhan ozcan
24 February 2006call for presentations over access gridDenisa Kera
23 February 2006Symmetry Festival 2006Gyorgy Darvas
23 February 2006Updated artciencia.comartscience_com
23 February 2006ITALY= Pari Centerrmalina
23 February 2006selfintroduction_clara bojklaravoz
22 February 2006art and biology= planetary protection and colonialismewen
22 February 2006[starhawk] Bioremediating New Orleans--Doing it! (fwd)kranenbu
22 February 2006cross-meeting 1--press to exit project space--skopje--22.02.2006=?ISO-8859-1?B?rSA=?=24.02.2006basak
22 February 2006art and biology= planetary protection and colonialismrmalina
22 February 2006Spanish Program for Cultural Cooperationrmalina
22 February 2006Anna Barros art,science,technology and politics and yasminANNA BARROS
21 February 2006media training workshops in pragueDenisa Kera
21 February 2006FRANCE: Isabelle Arvers web sitermalina
21 February 2006*Roberto Cimetta Fund for individual travel grants*Annick Bureaud
21 February 2006Istanbul's Cultural Constellation and Its European ProspectsAnnick Bureaud
21 February 2006Society-in-Science - African Forumrmalina
20 February 2006the upgrade!istanbul #4basak
20 February 2006citism--press to exit project space--skopje--17.02.2006basak
20 February 2006NAMIBIA: Barbara Pirronrmalina
19 February 2006zev robinson self introductionrmalina
17 February 2006Call V International Image Festival in Colombiafelipecl
17 February 2006Dance and technologyAnnick Bureaud
17 February 2006sifiro joins yamsinrmalina
16 February 2006SPAIN: ARTECHMEDIA CALL-rmalina
16 February 2006info from diego diazrmalina
16 February 2006Manthos Santorineos joins YASMINrmalina
16 February 2006Winners of the ARCO/BEEP NEW MEDIA ART AWARDSube
15 February 2006ANNA BARROS YASMIN-msg] ACE 2006 Call for papers and Art worksANNA BARROS
15 February 2006art,science,technology and politics and yasminrmalina
15 February 2006ACE 2006 Call for papers and Art worksdiediaga
14 February 2006MADRID MEDIA LAB FEB 14rmalina
14 February 2006where do med rim and asia pacific meetrmalina
14 February 2006Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 14.02.2006.Stéphan Barron
13 February 2006Call for submissions, Medi@terra festival in AthensAnnick Bureaud
13 February 2006daphne dragona joins YASMINrmalina
13 February 2006ITALY: ALTERAZIONI VIDEOrmalina
13 February 2006new moderatorrmalina
11 February 2006ISEA2008Nina Czegledy
11 February 2006Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 11.02.2006.avi
10 February 2006Sound Lecture and performance Istanbulyolande
09 February 2006Djimé Diakité, contemporary visual artist from Mali - websiteJulien Knebusch
09 February 2006News from the Daniel Langlois Foundationcrd
08 February 2006art and biology around med rimrmalina
08 February 2006SLOVENIA: Pogovarjanja / Conversations / Feb7-March 10 2006rmalina
05 February 2006Fw: Stardust & aer( )sculptureAndreas P. Giannakoulopoulos
05 February 2006Call For Papers - IAA Congress, Spain, Oct 2006Andreas P. Giannakoulopoulos
04 February 2006Crusading Projectrmalina
03 February 2006AuroraLiveNina Czegledy
02 February 2006BARCELONA: Copyfight presents- Ilegal ARTPau Alsina
02 February 2006TO Despina Tunbergjbarbancho
02 February 2006extended deadline artcienciaartscience_com
01 February 2006Video evening II: 2.2. at Forum Stadtparknoflowersforsun
01 February 2006extended deadlineartscience_com
01 February 2006new media metaphysics and ironykvatzia
01 February 2006C RETE: 4rth INTNL ART FESTIVAL "CHANIA 2006"rmalina
01 February 2006Jaime del Val - REVERSO - interactive dance in Madridjaimedelval
01 February 2006MILAN: FEB 8 PhD M-NODE STARTrmalina
31 January 2006wiki directory of academic art and technology prorgamsrmalina
30 January 2006EGYPT: BIOVISIONrmalina
30 January 2006FRANCE: VIDEOATTITUDES FEB 6 2006rmalina
30 January 2006MOROCCO: Safâa Erruas expormalina
27 January 2006FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL DE FILM ET VIDEO DE CREATION. 2-5 Mars 2006. Empire Sofil - BeirutRicardo Mbarkho
26 January 2006TERRANODErmalina
26 January 2006MADRDI MEDIA LAB JAN 27 2006rmalina
25 January 2006FW: INSIGHT OUT - Workshop on Digital Production Technology || 27 March to 1 April 2006 - save the date!Ricardo Mbarkho
25 January 2006FW: INSIGHT OUT - Workshop on Digital Production Technology || 27 March to 1 April 2006 - save the date!Ricardo Mbarkho
25 January 2006NOMAD in CeC & CaC 2006, New Delhibasak
24 January 2006Art and science - Last Call for PapersIrene Aparicio
24 January 2006Resonance in MadridNina Czegledy
24 January 2006AIBR Revista: Cultura, tecnociencia y conocimientonsantos
24 January 2006MADRID: Exhibitions at MedialabMadrid - ARCO FairPau Alsina
24 January 2006Environment / Call for Papers and Artworksartscience_com
24 January 2006SEVILLA: convocatoria OPEN ZEMOS hasta el 31 de eneroPau Alsina
23 January 2006YASMIN LANGUAGE POLICYrmalina
21 January 2006Resonance in MadridNina Czegledy
21 January 2006BARCELONA: DIAS DE BIOARTErmalina
20 January 2006networks, new media and transcendancekvatzia
19 January 2006Video evening I: 19.1. at Forum Stadtpark, Graznoflowersforsun
17 January 2006ctrl_alt_del news letter #6basak
17 January 2006SPAIN: WATER RESISTANTPau Alsina
17 January 2006BARCELONA: Collective Creativity- EnthusiasmPau Alsina
17 January 2006BARCELONA: Copyfigth - Library and activitiesPau Alsina
17 January 2006the upgrade!istanbul #3basak
15 January 2006Manifesta 6 School, Call for applicationsNeMe
13 January 2006PORTUGAL: The Upgradermalina
13 January 2006FW: Rijksakademie Research Residency call for entries.Ricardo Mbarkho
13 January 2006Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 12.01.2006.jbarbancho
13 January 2006Bucharest, Romania: Rokolectiv Festivalrmalina
13 January 2006fred adam= wokring on art and climate changermalina
12 January 2006FW: European Media Art Festival 2006Ricardo Mbarkho
12 January 2006anna barros mexicoANNA BARROS
11 January 2006no subjectpawa30
11 January 2006MADRID: ARCO/BEEP NEW MEDIA ART AWARDS -worth 6.000. EurosPau Alsina
11 January 2006=?windows-1258?Q?BARCELONA=3A__Beca_Hangar-Ast=E9rides_a_Marsella_2006?=Pau Alsina
11 January 2006BARCELONA: Game as critic as artPau Alsina
10 January 2006Presentationtonirumbau
09 January 2006Isea + altresMarcel.lí Antúnez Roca
06 January 2006ISEA 2006 deadlinesrmalina
04 January 2006Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 31.12.2005.jbarbancho
03 January 2006Final Call: Istanbul Workshopoguzhan ozcan
03 January 2006FAUD/UC Argentina library resourcesrmalina
02 January 2006eCAADe06 Call for papersDimitris Charitos
02 January 2006HAPPY NEW YEAR from new moderatorDimitris Charitos
01 January 2006ISTANBUL: Metin Cavus joins yasminrmalina
01 January 2006Space and Arts meeting in Barcelonamondelos
31 December 2005Re: workshop space and artsNina Czegledy
30 December 2005workshop space and artsjosep.perello
29 December 2005BARCELONA; international gaming awardsrmalina
29 December 2005TURKEY= march 29 2006 total eclipse planningrmalina
29 December 2005LIBYA= total eclipse tripsrmalina
29 December 2005MOROCCO:=?iso-8859-1?B?yWNvbGU=?= =?iso-8859-1?B?IFN1cOlyaWV1cg==?= =?iso-8859-1?B?ZQ==?= des Arts Visuels de Marrakechrmalina
29 December 2005MILAN ITALY: TECHNE 05 exhibitrmalina
28 December 2005BOLIVIAN CONGRESS OF COLORrmalina
28 December 2005artist in residence in science institutionsrmalina
28 December 2005jesus santamaria of bilbao joins yasminrmalina
28 December 2005Spain - Call for papers TECHNARTE 2006 (Conference on Art & Technology)technarte
22 December 2005HUNGARY: Symmetry Festicalrmalina
22 December 2005CLIMATE CHANGErmalina
22 December 2005ITALY= DIGICULTrmalina
22 December 2005SPAIN: Madrid call far artistsrmalina
20 December 2005GREECE: Audiovisuals in Museums Conference, Mytilene June 2006rmalina
20 December 2005medi@terra 06: international art + technology festival CfPsmroussou
19 December 2005HermenetkaAnnick Bureaud
19 December 2005Dance_Technology in Nottinghamjaimedelval
19 December 2005PORTUGAL: ATMOSFERAS GROUPrmalina
18 December 2005ISTANBUL_04: Serial Cases_1 Acquaintancebasak
17 December 2005ATTITUDE - video /short & experimental film/ photography festival - Bitola, Macedoniabasak
16 December 2005D>Art.06 Festival: International call for single channel screen, web and locative/mobile worksAdriaan Stellingwerff
15 December 2005Call for paper and ideas - Art and climateThanos Chrysakis
15 December 2005new Neural 23 [Peljhan, Circuit Bending, Nullpointer, McKenzie Wark...]a.ludovico
15 December 2005MACEDONIAATTITUDE - video /photography festivalrmalina
15 December 2005the upgrade!istanbul #2basak
14 December 2005MOROCCO: Live Webcast Marrakeshrmalina
13 December 2005End of Regular application: Istanbul Workshopoguzhan ozcan
12 December 2005Call for paper and ideas - Art and climatJulien Knebusch
10 December 2005digital culture magazines in Africa, Asia and South America.a.ludovico
09 December 2005Naples, Museum of Capodimonte presents Mimmo Paladino, Quijote: an exhibition, a film, a bookNina Czegledy
09 December 2005Sensi Contemporanei projectNina Czegledy
08 December 2005more on waterrmalina
07 December 2005Call for Artwork and Papers: IV 2006 and CGIV 2006Elisa
06 December 2005BARCELONA: shahram entekhabirmalina
06 December 2005TUN ISIA: ZOHRA BEN LAKHDARrmalina
06 December 2005sahel may become drier with global warmingrmalina
06 December 2005INVISIBLE DYNAMICS around the MEd Rimrmalina
06 December 2005talking game - NetartCommunityCongress 2005, Grazbasak
05 December 2005machineARIANina Czegledy
05 December 2005MEDIACULTNina Czegledy
05 December 2005ISTANBUL_03: Serial Cases_1 Acquaintancebasak
04 December 2005Re: video art and waterkissjocelyne
04 December 2005update artcienciaIrene Aparicio
03 December 2005ISIMD'06 - DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDEDNina Czegledy
03 December 2005Italian eventsNina Czegledy
03 December 2005video art and waterjbarbancho
02 December 2005SPAIN: Madrid MediaLab Urban Lab Dec 13 2005rmalina
02 December 2005YOUNG DIGITAL CREATORS 2006: History and culture of Peace in Africarmalina
02 December 2005tracing human migrationsrmalina
01 December 2005Regular Application: International Interaction Design Workshopoguzhan ozcan
29 November 2005middle east waterrmalina
28 November 2005ITALY: internet and historyrmalina
26 November 20052nd ONESECOND VIDEO FESTIVAL - The Winnerlingeñere
24 November 2005"Transmodalities: mind, art, new media" Istanbul. Dec. 1-2elif ayiter
23 November 2005[propaganda] _el net.art de dentro afuera/net.art, from the inside out_nilo casares
23 November 2005Reminder of deadline: International Interaction Design Workshopoguzhan ozcan
16 November 2005"Transmodalities: mind, art, new media". Istanbul, Dec 1-2elif ayiter
16 November 2005"Transmodalities: mind, art, new media" symposium. Istanbul. December 1-2 2005elif ayiter
11 November 2005Anouncement and belated introductionNeMe
04 November 2005Mail function problem [update: solved]Andreas Giannakoulopoulos
02 November 2005EGYPT early antrhopoidsrmalina
02 November 2005GREECE: CHANIA 2006rmalina
01 November 2005The Upgrade!Istanbulbasak
30 October 2005Biennial of Quadrilateral, RijekaNina Czegledy
29 October 2005MADRID: Spanish report on ASTPau Alsina
28 October 2005ARTFUTURA -SPAINRaquel Paricio
26 October 2005Re: [AL-AWDA-News] Call For Proposals- please forward widely!!!!l!gusta_49
26 October 2005Space artAnnick Bureaud
26 October 2005ITALY= PARI Center newsrmalina
26 October 2005ISRAEL= Internet 2 performancermalina
25 October 2005Semana Latinoamericana del Arte Independientetomasatanasio
25 October 2005American Synesthesia Association Conference October 28-30,2005Carol Steen
24 October 2005united arab emirates= geology conferencermalina
24 October 2005IYALY: BOOK ART PROJECTrmalina
23 October 2005Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 23.10.2005.jbarbancho
23 October 2005I introduce myselfs.dernini
21 October 2005me presento / I introduce myselfsantiago
21 October 2005VALENCIA: international astronautical congress oct 2005rmalina
20 October 2005VEN ICE Last Call - Isola Virtuale / La Biennale di Veneziarmalina
20 October 2005ISTANBUL gP'da bu hafta: =?iso-8859-1?B?S2VLZcdh?= Ensemble =?iso-8859-1?B?QXT2bHll?= ve =?iso-8859-1?B?R/ZzdGVyaQ==?=, Oyun: 2084rmalina
16 October 2005VOTE//VOTA - 2nd ONE SECOND VIDEO FESTIVALlingeñere
15 October 2005ALBANIA-Tirana Biennalrmalina
14 October 2005REFRESH conferenceNina Czegledy
13 October 2005junk DNA - evolutionary potential & artVeroniki Korakidou
12 October 2005SAUDI ARABIA planning of applied research conferencermalina
12 October 2005En octobre dans =?iso-8859-1?Q?Synesth=E9sie?=Nina Czegledy
11 October 2005News from the Daniel Langlois FoundationAndreane Leclerc
10 October 2005Aer( )sculpture @ IAC2005, Fukuoka, Japanmichalous
10 October 2005this week.....Nina Czegledy
09 October 2005request: design-related work (Istanbul, November)materialboy
09 October 2005TRACING UNDERCURRENTS: Sonic Routes Between Jerusalem and Tel-Avivnat
09 October 2005ISTANBUL Workshop for MFA/PhD STUDENTSoguzhan ozcan
08 October 2005Posting and Reading in UnicodeAndreas P. Giannakoulopoulos
07 October 2005Geopoetics MedRimhashim
07 October 2005Sajjadah 1426 redefines the prayer rugsonerozenc
07 October 2005Geopoeticssergeserof
07 October 20052nd ONE SECOND VIDEO FESTIVALlingeñere
06 October 2005Elisa Cappelliieratica
06 October 2005FW: Invitation exposition ALBARicardo Mbarkho
05 October 2005artciencia.com - call for papersIrene Aparicio
05 October 2005PLATFORMA VIDEO ZERO FIVEDimitris Charitos
05 October 20052:13 festival of experimental music in Athens GreeceDimitris Charitos
05 October 2005This week's moderatorDimitris Charitos
04 October 2005FW: Invitation exposition ALBARicardo Mbarkho
02 October 2005Geopoetics of the mediterranean rimartemed_01
02 October 2005Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 02.10.2005.Mel Alexenberg
02 October 2005Presentation of two artist members from Marseillenahonstoll
02 October 2005BRUIT de BEYROUTH at De Melkwegnat
02 October 2005Geopoetics of the Mediterranean Rimhashim
01 October 2005multimedia performance turkeyrmalina
30 September 2005no subjects.tsampalla
29 September 2005VIRTUAL PALESTINErmalina
29 September 2005ANIS ON LINErmalina
27 September 2005the importance of the noossphereor
27 September 2005moderator this weekJulien Knebusch
26 September 2005David Behar from brazilANNA BARROS
25 September 2005Call for papers-artciencia.comIrene Aparicio
24 September 2005Mohamed al-SadounAida Eltorie
24 September 2005introducing myself: David Beharbehar_david
23 September 2005The Upgrade! International Meetingyael
23 September 2005Interactive Film Lab @ Budapest - Korsakow SystemErika Katalina Pasztor
23 September 2005Sph?rAl?as au festival ARBORESCENCE (Aix en Provence)Lasserre Grégory
23 September 2005News from Alphabetvillec.tron
22 September 2005syncretismhashim
22 September 2005Biloluminiscensehashim
22 September 2005job postingsrmalina
22 September 2005Civil violence & war memories: Here and ElsewhereRicardo Mbarkho
21 September 2005light art exhibitionrmalina
20 September 20052nd ONE SECOND VIDEO FESTIVALlingeñere
20 September 2005academy of young scientists meets in Alexandriarmalina
19 September 2005ISTANBUL RELOADED at De Melkwegnat
19 September 2005paris;Alternate Modes of Knowledge Disseminationrmalina
19 September 2005CROATIA: Silent*Observers EXHIBITION (16-20.09.2005)rmalina
19 September 2005camera obscuraVeroniki Korakidou
18 September 2005synchretismhashim
18 September 2005Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 17.09.2005.Vladimir Tamari
17 September 2005Geopoetics of the Mediterranean RimJulien Knebusch
15 September 2005"The Planets" challengenoah
15 September 2005Digital Arts for Africa and future developmentsrmalina
14 September 2005UnDo.Net: news on Italian art scenermalina
14 September 2005intro from Noah Broschrmalina
13 September 2005PORTUGAL: festival =?iso-8859-1?B?bfpzaWNh?= viva | portugalrmalina
13 September 2005Budapest: Tamas Waliczky media artist's workshop at MIE VideoErika Katalina Pasztor
13 September 2005SPAIN: | salonKritik | ::agencia critica::Pau Alsina
13 September 2005istanbul:ctrl-alt-delrmalina
13 September 2005ITALY: DIGICULT e-magazine DIGIMAGrmalina
13 September 2005Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 12.09.2005.sarah.rifky
12 September 2005Hello from Eugenio Tissellicubo23
12 September 2005MAISrmalina
12 September 2005BEOGRAD NEKAD I SAD (Belgrade in the Past and Present)rmalina
11 September 2005Arnold van Bezooyen says 'Hello YASMIN'materialboy
10 September 2005Townhouse Opening: somewhat differentinfo99
10 September 2005Townhouse Opening: Realities to Dreamsinfo99
09 September 2005Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 08.09.2005.Mel Alexenberg
09 September 2005Developing discussions on YasminJulien Knebusch
08 September 2005Tim Otto Roth in Alexandriarmalina
08 September 2005monica bello joins yasmin eclipse listrmalina
08 September 2005artciencia.comIrene Aparicio
06 September 2005artciencia.comIrene Aparicio
06 September 2005aminima:: new media magazineclara
06 September 2005guatemala contactsneora
06 September 2005News from the Daniel Langlois FoundationAndreane Leclerc
06 September 2005Re: YASMIN-messagescontactevi
05 September 2005ALEXANDRIA, EGYPT: imachination installationrmalina
05 September 2005Barcelona: International Computer Music Conferencermalina
05 September 2005OFF ICMC Concerts, Barcelona 5-10 Sept 2005solu
04 September 2005Science and Art Conference - RULES OF ENGAGEMENTmonica bello
03 September 2005Re: [fimamsp] Employmentgusta_49
03 September 2005Syncretismkvatzia
02 September 2005Barcelona:: AESTHETICS' PHYSICS: New frontiers of art,science and thougthPau Alsina
02 September 2005more lightjosep.perello
02 September 2005Re: Light Art ANNA BARROSNina Czegledy
01 September 2005SyncretismRoy Ascott
01 September 2005Light Phase Yolande Harrisyolande
01 September 2005UNESCO Master module on Art, Design and Technology for Arab StatesJaco DU TOIT
01 September 2005roy ascott re biphotonics and reply to hashimrmalina
01 September 2005Presentationmichelcousy
31 August 2005OFF ICMC '05//Barcelona/Experimental Electronic MusicRaquel Paricio
30 August 2005Light & Space Art anna barrosANNA BARROS
30 August 2005hashim on bioluminescencermalina
30 August 2005Africom ( to Roger Malina)tonkin.e
28 August 2005fooling locustsrmalina
28 August 2005KENYA: AFRICOM= med rim museumsrmalina
27 August 2005glow worms and luminescencermalina
26 August 2005Re: Light Art & Movement/MotionThanos Chrysakis
26 August 2005CYPRUS: =?iso-8859-1?B?1nb8buc=?= =?iso-8859-1?B?INZ6YmFy/f4=?=rmalina
26 August 2005=?iso-8859-1?B?SPxzZXlpbg==?=" Kuscu ; ACM MM paper,Interactive Performancermalina
25 August 2005CALL OF ART MULTIMEDIAibanez.angela
25 August 2005UNESCO DIGIARTS AFRICArmalina
25 August 2005unesco digiarts africa meeting at ars electronicarmalina
25 August 2005barcelona/mexico Ximena, asteroidsrmalina
24 August 2005Townhouse Tomorrow - Childrens Receptioninfo99
23 August 2005Ars Electronica : meeting over a drinkAnnick Bureaud
21 August 2005Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 20.08.2005.Mel Alexenberg
21 August 2005AFRICA; Climate changermalina
20 August 2005REFRESH: Genco Gulanrmalina
18 August 2005unesco wgypt-japan friendship fellowshipsrmalina
18 August 2005SPAIN; Oct 25 2005 Alliance des Civilisationsrmalina
17 August 2005L Provencher IntroLouise Provencher
17 August 2005YASMIN SOLAR ECLIPSE 2006 discussionrmalina
17 August 2005anna barros LIGHT ARTANNA BARROS
16 August 2005Futuresonic 2006 *call for expressions of interest*Dimitris Charitos
16 August 2005contemporary art and globalization' meeting at parisanelia
15 August 2005anna barrosANNA BARROS
15 August 2005this weekNina Czegledy
15 August 2005Fw: EIGEN + ART Leipzig, Carsten Nicolai, September 17th - December 23rd 2005info99
15 August 2005Real Estate at the ICAinfo99
15 August 2005handing over to dimitris charitos and nina czegledyrmalina
15 August 2005italy, venice biennale, RAQS collectivermalina
15 August 2005Fwd: MEDCOASTLANDrmalina
15 August 2005BIOLUMINSCENCErmalina
15 August 2005Serge Seroff intrormalina
13 August 2005invitation to isea 2006rmalina
12 August 2005Answer to Evi - Athens- Greecetonkin.e
12 August 2005web hosting in the middle east?yael
11 August 2005JORDAN: The Role of the Media in Times of Crisisrmalina
11 August 2005IRAQ: NIQASH web sitermalina
11 August 2005TAHINA transciplinary epideology projectrmalina
11 August 2005Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 09.08.2005.contactevi
10 August 2005PLEASE USE EMAIL SUBJECT in YASMIN postsrmalina
10 August 2005NYFA text by Neery Melkonian re middle eastern artistsrmalina
10 August 2005Zeppelin 2005 / Programa - programmejuanademora
09 August 2005Arte - PI and PHItonkin.e
08 August 2005himavi7be
06 August 2005public art and new technologiessvcnt
06 August 2005MOROCCO; Mahi Binebine exhibits in Silves Portugalrmalina
06 August 2005Call for Turkish participation in YASMINrmalina
05 August 2005technology transfer around the medrimrmalina
05 August 2005Call for participation: UNESCO Digital Arts Award 2005Jaco DU TOIT
05 August 2005introduction - Dina Tiljakthe di
05 August 2005turkish is an official language of YASMINrmalina
04 August 2005Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 04.08.2005.Vladimir Tamari
03 August 2005language and wordsrmalina
03 August 2005Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 03.08.2005.equirnester
03 August 2005=?iso-8859-1?Q?Call_for_Papers/Contributions__e-misf=E9rica?=nsantos
03 August 2005presentacion a minimaclara
02 August 2005Succesul projects are presented in Istanbul Workshopoguzhan ozcan
02 August 2005Re: yasminnsantos
01 August 2005mammal extinction around med rimrmalina
01 August 2005leonardo dinner at siggraphrmalina
31 July 2005yasminers at siggraphrmalina
29 July 2005Introducing myself - Vladimir TamariVladimir Tamari
28 July 2005a minima 12:: new media magazineclara
27 July 2005ITALY= july 29 2005 :history of networked artrmalina
27 July 2005New art and intervention list for GLOBAL SOUTHrmalina
20 July 2005Aida Eltorie Introductionaida
18 July 2005Fw: [arts-sciences-france] ##### TASPAM ##### IHM05: Atelier Interaction Homme-Machine dans le domaine artistiqueRicardo Mbarkho
14 July 2005this week's moderator and more on COPYFIGTHPau Alsina
14 July 2005COPYFIGHT-BarcelonaRaquel Paricio
13 July 2005HUNGARY; EvoMUSART 2006rmalina
13 July 2005EGYPT: Impact of climate change and global warmingrmalina
13 July 2005SPAIN: 14 july at madrid media labrmalina
13 July 2005Muslim states sets scene for science boostrmalina
11 July 2005Prison of love next venue Murcia/Spaincultworker
07 July 2005FW: [arts-sciences-france] Seconde Circulaire ARTS & SCIENCES 8-10 Juillet 2005 ENSTARicardo Mbarkho
07 July 2005call for inputs to ars electronica from africarmalina
06 July 2005TURKEY: Tracing Roadsrmalina
06 July 2005islamic educ, sci, cultgural Research Grantsrmalina
02 July 2005no subjectmoehr xavier
01 July 2005VideoChannel:Sinasi Gunes curates videos from Turkeycultworker
30 June 2005Cinematheque - deadline 31 Julycultworker
29 June 2005Hello from this week's moderator and some info about SYNCH festivalDimitris Charitos
28 June 2005SAUDI ARABIA: new science councilrmalina
28 June 2005Announcement: NEW ACADEMIC POSITIONDimitris Charitos
27 June 2005ARTS & SCIENCES 2005Ricardo Mbarkho
27 June 2005Updates about the "UN WSIS Contributory Conference on ICT & Creativity" - ViennaRicardo Mbarkho
27 June 2005An important message on SYNCH Festival Athenscultworker
26 June 2005Digital 05 EXQUISITEkarl.grimes
22 June 2005Fadaiat Newssvcnt
22 June 2005Julien Knebusch moderator this weekJulien Knebusch
22 June 2005review early and modern historyscayol
22 June 2005ATHENS SCIENCE AND ART june 16-18 2005Veroniki Korakidou
22 June 2005Entrevista con Javier Toret, desde Fadaiatsvcnt
19 June 2005Video: Fadaiat openingsvcnt
17 June 2005unesco digiarts =?iso-8859-1?B?oGFuZA==?= african network: TONGA.ONLINErmalina
17 June 2005new yasmin member b. eren dursun from turkeyb.eren dursun
17 June 2005Programa Fadaiat 2005 / Fadaiat 2005 schedulesvcnt
16 June 2005andy_g - myselfandy_g
16 June 2005introductionanelia
15 June 2005space artists around mediterranean rim ??rmalina
14 June 2005eclipsed march 29 2006:rmalina
14 June 2005ACE2005 Advances in Computer Entertaiment Conferencediediaga
14 June 2005Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 13.06.2005.Stéphan Barron
13 June 2005ATHENS SCIENCE AND =?iso-8859-1?B?QVJUlA==?= june 16-18rmalina
13 June 2005roger malina moderator this weekrmalina
13 June 2005=?iso-8859-1?Q?Barcelona_-_Randonn=E9e=2C_a_debate_on_the_landscape_of_th?= =?iso-8859-1?Q?e_21st_century?=Pau Alsina
11 June 2005Arab Science and Technology Foundationrmalina
11 June 2005MOROCCO: June 14 2005 conference on cultural dialoguermalina
11 June 2005SYRIA: W Masiak: Science in the Arab World: Vision of Glories Beyondrmalina
11 June 2005SARAJEVO- contemporary art center picnicrmalina
11 June 2005Symmetry Comes of Age: The Role of Pattern in Culturermalina
11 June 2005Fwd: FW: MED RIM SOLAR ECLIPSE MARCH 29 2005rmalina
09 June 2005Arabic teacher needed at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelonagusta_49
08 June 2005brief introduction of myself / breve introducción de una mismamonica bello
07 June 2005call for papers,A Creativity & Cognition SymposiumRaquel Paricio
06 June 2005News from the Daniel Langlois Foundationdeniz
05 June 2005CC - Creative Commons - copyrights in the digital eraneora
05 June 2005solicito inscripciontrinobce
04 June 2005Re: YASMIN-messages Digest 04.06.2005.trinobce
04 June 2005Interaction design summer camp in Italymroussou
03 June 2005ask for informationc.tron
03 June 2005yasmin discussion topicMel Alexenberg
03 June 2005Marcel.lí Antúnez Roca . www.marceliantunez.comMarcel.lí Antúnez Roca
02 June 2005kurdish cultural web sitesrmalina
02 June 2005Proposing discussion topicshassouna_a
31 May 2005IntroductionGyorgy Darvas
31 May 2005Meeeting Arts and new mediasc.tron
31 May 2005www.Babelmed.netc.cornet
30 May 2005Important notice for Istanbul Workshopoguzhan ozcan
30 May 2005Home Works III: 17-24 November 2005Ricardo Mbarkho
30 May 2005LEBANESE FILM FESTIVAL ..N?.? BEYROUTHRicardo Mbarkho
30 May 20053rd Workshop Technologies of the Bodyjaimedelval
30 May 2005=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Call:=20media=20art=20festival=20in=20Armenia?=cultworker
29 May 2005(Lisboa) International Conference on Art and CommunicationPau Alsina
28 May 2005thematic discussions addendumNina Czegledy
27 May 2005On-The-Move: performing arts mobility web portalNina Czegledy
27 May 2005Introducing myselfRaquel Herrera
27 May 2005Daniela Malusardidannymalu
27 May 2005RV: MEDIA ART Symposium - Latin-American and the Iberian PeninsulaPau Alsina
27 May 2005introducing myself and activitiesRaquel Renno
26 May 2005Istanbul: OBSESSION Festival opens on Junecultworker
26 May 2005Seeking information on art/science collaborations in Turkeykarl.grimes
26 May 2005Last Call for Workshop Grantoguzhan ozcan
25 May 2005FADAIAT Tarifa-Tangerewen
25 May 2005Translation of some Yasmin messages into Arabichassouna_a
25 May 2005Introducing myselfPau Alsina
24 May 2005Borillo book: cognitive science approach to artistic creationrmalina
24 May 2005ALGERIA: artists in laghouat seek contactsrmalina
24 May 2005Marseille/France: Meetings on Mediterranean Sciencermalina
24 May 2005l'ECM Kawenga located in Montpellier (south of France)eleonore
23 May 2005Low Budget Digital Documentary Workshop-Cairo, Egypthassouna_a
20 May 2005Italy: Emmer Book Visual Mind IIrmalina
20 May 2005Fw: Toronto Arab Film and Video FestivalRicardo Mbarkho
19 May 2005Introducing my selfhassouna_a
18 May 2005Last call: Istanbul Interaction Design Workshopoguzhan ozcan
18 May 2005mario borillo: Cognition and Creationrmalina
18 May 2005introducing myselfKinda
18 May 2005RES: intromalu pereira de almeida
17 May 2005MOROCCO: Apartment 22rmalina
17 May 2005ITALY; Art and Geology: Coldigiocormalina
17 May 2005Re: call to scientists and engineers around med rimMel Alexenberg
17 May 2005Re: call to scientists and engineers around med rimMel Alexenberg
17 May 2005Re: [Call]_Inscription_Entry form_18th Instants Video_En_FrAnnick Bureaud
17 May 2005[Call]_Inscription_Entry form_18th Instants Video_En_FrxavierL
17 May 2005postingsNina Czegledy
17 May 2005intronat
17 May 2005Change of moderation for the weekDimitris Charitos
16 May 2005call to scientists and engineers around med rimrmalina
16 May 2005Re: MedRim dialogueVeroniki Korakidou
15 May 2005World Summit Contributory Conference on ICT & Creativity, Vienna, June 2-3 2005Ricardo Mbarkho
15 May 2005hello from South-FranceStéphan Barron
14 May 2005Re: suggest that Turkish be a YASMIN languageaida
14 May 2005Re: Networking in Mediterranean areaaida
14 May 2005=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Suit=20of=20calls=20for=20MedRim=20and=20beyond!?=cultworker
14 May 2005Introductions...shazan
13 May 2005morocco: videokaravaan call for submissions sept 15 05rmalina
13 May 2005note of appreciationNina Czegledy
13 May 2005About Mevbriffa
13 May 2005AFRICAN COLOURS NETrmalina
13 May 2005=?ISO-8859-1?Q?=22Prison=20of=20Love=20=22=20touring=20in=20Spain--=3E=20next=20venue?=cultworker
13 May 2005MedRim dialogueMel Alexenberg
13 May 2005Introducing myselfCarol Steen
12 May 2005introducing myselfVeroniki Korakidou
12 May 2005traveling cyberangels exhibitionMel Alexenberg
12 May 2005Presentation of Michel KisinisKisinis
12 May 2005An introductiontracey benson
11 May 2005Re: Welcome to YASMIN mailing listErika Katalina Pasztor
11 May 2005introducing myselfMel Alexenberg
11 May 2005Re: The Upgrade! Tel AvivMel Alexenberg
11 May 2005introductionc.tron
11 May 2005FW: CINEMAEAST FILM FESTIVAL 2005 / CALL for ENTRIESRicardo Mbarkho
11 May 2005synch cinema. international call for entriesDimitris Charitos
11 May 2005Introduction myself and my activities (Dimitris Charitos)Dimitris Charitos
11 May 2005introductionNina Czegledy
11 May 2005The Upgrade! Tel Avivneora
10 May 2005=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Networking=20in=20Mediterranean=20area?=cultworker
09 May 2005Moderators - Correspondents of JasminJulien Knebusch
09 May 2005Activities in Israel - general info - related to art/science/technologyneora
09 May 2005Yasmin press release in hebrewneora
09 May 2005introducing myself and my activities - neora/israelneora
08 May 2005Introducing myselfsvcnt
07 May 2005Why the MedRim ?Julien Knebusch
06 May 2005Global Crossings : Media Art in the MedRimJulien Knebusch
06 May 2005Last call: Istanbul Interaction Design Workshopoguzhan ozcan
05 May 2005Re: Networking in Mediterranean arearmalina
05 May 2005Networking in Mediterranean areacultworker
05 May 2005Leaps of FaithNina Czegledy
05 May 2005TUNISIA: world summit on information societyrmalina
04 May 2005SPAIN: MEDIA LAB activities May 2005rmalina
04 May 2005Introducing myself and my activitiesJulien Knebusch
04 May 2005TURKEY: Gonca Girgin joins list/bio informalina
04 May 2005New Geographies Projectrmalina
04 May 2005videokaravaan 2005rmalina
03 May 2005Accidental Meetings at The Nicosia Municipal Arts CentreNina Czegledy
30 April 2005EGYPT: Leonardo Prize to G.Kenawy and A. Kenawyrmalina
28 April 2005suggest that Turkish be a YASMIN languagermalina
28 April 2005concern about use of english for YASMINrmalina
27 April 2005LEBANON; art and new media lecture by Mbarakrmalina
26 April 2005Introducing myself and my activitessilvia rigon
25 April 2005VideoDance2005 - call for entriesDimitris Charitos
23 April 2005news association of african universitiesrmalina
23 April 2005AFRICA: scholarships on biodiversityrmalina
23 April 2005EGYPT: Arabic Music Heritagermalina
23 April 2005Digi-Arts AFRICArmalina
22 April 2005TURKEY EUROPE CULTURE FORUM MAY 6 2005rmalina
22 April 2005Slovenian - Bosnian Cultural Exchangermalina
22 April 2005GREECE: Science and Art - June 16-19, 2005.rmalina
02 April 2005Art and New Media in Lebanonrmalina
02 April 2005Paltel Virtual Galleryrmalina
02 April 2005iraq internet radiormalina